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The TRUTH about COMPASS (by joemongomery)
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As the Managing Partner here at THE CAREER COMPASS I have seen an unprecidented barrage of attacks from "the establishment" in regard to our award-winning, life and career changing program. Why has this been the case? Well, anytime you take an industry that is so set in its ways as real estate is in California, and you breath new life into it in the form of great training and ease of licensing renewal, you will ruffle some feathers. it is inevitable. The truth about COMPASS is that what you have heard, that it is the best thing in real estate...IS TRUE. It really is. And with a 97% customer satisfaction rating, the proof is well documented. Most real estate or success seminars drift about in the 50-70% customer satisfaction rating, where ours is well above that on our worst day. However, why the attacks. If you notice who is putting out the rumors, erroneous information, slander and libel regarding is those who compete with us in the open market. Institutions such as the other continuing education providers, CAR's educational section, etc. You will notice, it is rarely if ever, our customers. They are raving fans. And why wouldn't they be? They receive: -THE VERY BEST SUCCESS MARKETING TRAINING IN THE INDUSTRY -FULL RENEWAL OF A REAL ESTATE LICENSE WITH OUR INDEPENDENT PROGRAM -LIFETIME FREE RENEWALS AND ATTENDANCE TO THE SEMINAR WITHOUT COST -THE SEMINAR IS HELD 10 TIMES A YEAR AT 5-STAR LOCATIONS -AMAZING NETWORKING WHICH MEANS AMAZING REFERRALS -OPEN BAR, LOTS OF FUN, AND JUST A GREAT TIME HAD BY ALL So do yourself a favor. Come see what all the controversy is about. We are sure you will be glad you fact we GUARANTEE IT!
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