Review for The Career Compass - Real Estate Success Training

It's a joke. Don't do it (by sonicview011)
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Please don't sign up with this company. Their presentation at the office may seem great, but they are a very unprofessional and unorganized company. Offices "push" their services, but there may be something behind it. Once you sign up for $195 with all the promises, you realize they bring very VERY little value to your business. I feel very sorry for people who travel to their locations and book hotels and whatnot. Basically its a weak seminar, and at the end of each day you get to take the tests to renew your license... OR You can just pay $40-50 bucks and take the CE classes online every 4 years. The topics covered are VERY weak and the "funny" guy talking is more of a comedian than a RE trainer. He knows absolutely nothing about real estate. He throws in a line or two. He can show us how to take EVERY SINGLE listing at 7%? EVERY SINGLE. I PROMISE YOU. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Right.... The vendors that come and sponsor are very weak. Please don't fall for anything this company offers. Save your money and take your CE classes the normal way. You will not save time nor money with this company.
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