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Sometimes, it can be scary to write your first blog post! Luckily, the supportive community of ActiveRain is just the place to start.

On this page you will find a running list of “first blog posts” written on ActiveRain by members of the real estate industry. These new bloggers have taken the leap to begin their blogging journey. Our first-time real estate bloggers deserve a big welcome and some extra encouragement from you!

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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Amy Abroad
Comments 6
Procedural Posture Defendant notary public sought review of the judgment of the Superior Court of the City and County of San Francisco (California), which awarded damages to plaintiff devisee for drawing an invalid will. Overview The principal question was whether the notary public was under a du...
With an increase in mobile trend, more and more business owners are opting for a mobile app.How a mobile app will benefit your business.-Brand awarenessStatistics shows that on average a person spends more then 5 hours a day using their mobile devices and they prefer a native mobile app rather th...

By Jesica Wayman
Comments 7
I am a new student enrolled in the Utah Real Estate course and we are learning about the 21 ways to lose a license. I have had my opened to how many dishonest and untrustworthy agents there are out there. I know they show us the bad for the training but the fact that they were true stories was di...
Having aspirational growth on social media has become extremely important, be it any year in the running. But, talking in 2021, Facebook has become a must, simply because it has a massive monthly audience of 2.4 billion. Potential buyers are always making their way to come across businesses like ...

By EDIIIE VR, AR/VR/MR solutions for Real Esate
Comments 7
An intricately designed and immersive walkthrough of a real estate property is the ultimate manifestation of imagination in a simulated form. Real-estate walkthroughs solidify investment decisions and are a perfect way to visualize the interior and exterior dimensions of any property. Such techno...

By Patricia Badovinac, Managing Broker
(NJ Homes for Sale, LLC)
Comments 7
Now is when the earth is greatest at its beauty. Flowers, trees, and nature start anew. There is also the desire to be settled by the school's year-end and before a new school year starts for many families. Then there are the job relocators or empty nesters who need a change of address to accommo...

By Jenny Devin
Comments 0
Modern Marketing Methods, Are You Looking For New And Effective Marketing Methods? Did you know that your business success stems from good marketing in the beginning, and then your ability to retain clients later?The goal of marketing is to connect the value that your business provides with the c...

By Chad Young
(The Easy Home Buyer)
Comments 8
Should you take a cash offer for your house?Not always.The Benefits Of An All Cash Sale Of Your HouseThe benefits of a cash sale are real: money fast when you need it most You don’t have to deal with the hassles of waiting months for a buyer to get a mortgage, only to be told that the lender elim...

By Russell Walcott, SBLC and Monetization
Comments 0
Experienced financial consultant with direct access to reliable issuer, provider and direct monetizer of SBLC and BG, MTN, BONDS, BD etc.Issuance is via top AA-rated Banks in Europe such as Barclays bank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, etc.We provide an exclusive one-stop shop service structure for SBLC is...

By ActiveRain Dev, Continuous Improvement
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It's been a busy week for us ActiveRain developers.  We have released a number of changes  that will hopefully make your experience better.Here's what we've released this week:- Minor formatting and text changes to the site layout and several pages- Bug fixes to the front-end codeHope everyone ha...

By Lorelei Nielsen, Mountains to the Sea Homes
Comments 8
Real estate analysts CoreLogic said the price of a single-family home in San Diego County will increase 8.3 percent from November 2020 to November 2021. That means the median price of house in San Diego could be around $776,000 by the end of the year.Like much of the state, San Diego County never...

By Samantha Palmer
Comments 10
   Hello to all who are reading this! My name is Sam and I’m excited to be apart of this industry. I’m currently in school right now and am enjoying my time and learning a lot.    We were given an assignment to discuss one of the 21 ways to lose a license and I decided to talk about being dishone...

By Realty Speaks
Comments 5
Buying a new home is exciting, but keeping track of all the things to do before moving in is a task. While it’s easy to put the new home on the back burner when packing, completing a few designs in the house while it’s yet empty can save you a lot of headaches in the future.Keep reading to discov...

By Sophie Taylor, We Buy Houses in Virginia, Maryland, and Washingto
(8 Day Home Sale)
Comments 11
When it comes to owning a home, there are certain benefits that homeowners can see when they make their annual rent. As well as other property-related expenses that may be deducted, homeowners may deduct the cost of their property tax and interest on the property deducted from their taxable incom...

By Ernest Montford, Expert Market Observer- Ernest Montford
Comments 3
Retired investment advisor Ernest Montford, whose experience spans over three decades, gained invaluable expertise in investment manager and took on other roles such as lead marketer, client liaison, public speaker, and personnel director. He established Montford Associates guiding the investment...
Real estate photography is a way of processing a home for sale so that the maximum number of potential buyers are drawn to it. In essence, real estate photography is done in a way that highlights the best qualities and downplay any possible flaws in a house. By using skilled real estate photograp...

By Robert "Mads" Martigan, Real Estate Investor and Outdoor Living Enthusiast
(Mad Backyard)
Comments 16
Greetings! My name is Robert Martigan but everyone calls me "Mads". I am a semi-early retired real estate investor new to the Active Rain community, and just wanted to write my first post to introduce myself!My passions include fixing up and renting out or flipping mid-century single family prope...

By Kim Casey
(Seaport Real Estate Services)
Comments 6
NOI = Gross Revenue – Total Operating ExpensesThe NOI, or Net Operating Income, is one metric used to evaluate an income-producing asset. It is defined as the total income that a property generates less the total operating expenses and losses from vacant units.Prior to investing too much time, en...

By Lisa Thornton, Real Estate Guru
Comments 9
There is a lot that can go wrong with home improvement projects. Remodeling or fixing up your home can make it a much nicer place to live and can raise your property value if you do it correctly. This is a bit of advice we have put together for you to keep in mind on your next home improvement we...

By Matthew Camphuis, Attorney in Estate Plans, Tax, & Bankruptcy
(Camphuis Law Office)
Comments 8
Many people start thinking about estate planning by looking to make a will. After all, we have all seen in movies and tv that the first thing you do to plan for your untimely demise is to make a will.A will can be a great tool. But for most people a living trust coupled with a “pour over” will is...