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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Rodney Downs, Making your dreams a realty.
(Infinite Real Estate Group)
Comments 11
In brosing the blog posts here I noticed a post about Unauthorized Consideration. Some knew the term. Some had never heard it. For those unfamiliar with the term:Paying or offering to pay valuable consideration, as defined by the commission, to a person not licensed, except that valuable consider...

By jack larson
Comments 4
A swimming pool is undoubtedly an investment. Once you have built your house, and there is enough space in the yard. Check your bank balance. If it seems affordable, then what is the point in not investing in smart profitable luxuries?  Are Swimming Pools Really an Investment?Trust me, renovating...
Your logo design is your first step towards creating your brand’s visual identity. However you need to be careful while choosing a logo for your real estate brand because that’s the main factor which determines your brand image; a good one or an ineffective one!In order to choose a good logo desi...

By Gail Miller
(Miller Tax & Advisory Services)
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The primary focus of my firm is tax representation in Parkchester, NY. If you have a tax debt with the IRS, then you’ve likely received an IRS collection notice request for payment. Taxpayers often ignore notices because they either don’t believe they owe or cannot pay, but simply ignoring them c...

By DE Brown
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Setting Up Your Home Budget: What Can I Afford?When it comes to setting up your home budget you may want to talk to a finance advisor. If you do not have the time or ability to discuss your budget with a professional then you need to use the basic rule of thumb with savings versus income. Whereve...

By Yael Shanee, Find Your Dream Home
(Yael Shanee Real Estate Agent)
Comments 5
As a person who is looking to sell house fast in Nassau County, NY, it is necessary that you get all the professional help that you can get when you want to have the best buyers for your home. Finding a person who can understand the value of your old home is never easy. You may also not be sure a...

By Peter N. Mitchell, EA, IRS Enrolled Agent, Tax problem resolution
(Tax Pro Advisor, LLC)
Comments 2
I represent taxpayers in Leander and the rest of Texas who have civil and criminal tax issues, and have recently seen an uptick in those folks coming to us who have not filed tax returns, some for many years. In fact, the non-filer is a major priority for the IRS, who have stated publicly that th...

By Alline Birkel
Comments 16
Every time I am asked about how I got into real estate, I find it hard to keep the story short. One thing I do like to include is the fact that I was fired from an internship.  Yup, that's right, I was fired after only 2 weeks of working there. This usually surprises people, and it's fun to see t...

By Keith Sant, Real Estate Problem Solver And House Buyer
(Kind House Buyers)
Comments 35
Hey everyone! I thought for my first on ActiveRain I would speak from the perspective of most agents' pesky lil friend - the real estate wholesaler.  If and aren't familiar with real estate wholesaling, it's when a seller and a "buyer" agree on a price, sign a contract (below market value), and t...

By Debbie Thompson, Real Estate Virtual Assistant with Sunrise REVA
(Sunrise Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services)
Comments 3
Ever wondered what a REVA can do for you? The short answer is, just about anything!Reach out and let's discuss!BTW - we just liked the turtle :)

By Sunrise REVA - Real Estate VAs, Real Estate VA Services for the entire US
(Sunrise Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services)
Comments 5
With the ongoing pandemic, so many have had to become a teacher to keep their kids on track throughout the school year. Online learning seems to almost be a part of the "norm" right now, and we know that potentially could be hurting how you are getting things done with your business. We're all vi...

By ClearPath Lending, ClearPath Lending is a nationwide mortgage lender
(ClearPath Lending)
Comments 6
First-time home buyers experience a whirlwind of emotions. When you're feeling excited, proud, or nervous, the mortgage process can be overwhelming. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be! Wherever you are on your home buying journey, ClearPath Lending is here to give you the confidence to move forwa...

By Sara Wolf
Comments 5
  Purchasing property is a goal many people work their entire lives to achieve. Working towards helping people achieve these goals should be viewed as an honor for agents and brokers. That is why building trust as an agent is one of the most important aspects of the job.    To build trust you sho...

By Juliet Womack, Blogger & graduate student
Comments 6
It’s been almost two years since my boyfriend and I have moved into our first apartment. We moved out in May 2019 (I graduated with my B.S. in Psychology in December 2018), and I’ve got to say, maintaining a healthy relationship is a lot easier than maintaining an apartment. And I hope that it st...

By Guy DeGiacinto, Luxury Real Estate
(Guy DeGiacinto - Luxury Real Estate)
Comments 6
Sellers in Palm Beach FL pay around 3% of the purchase price as an estimate of closing costs. This is excluding real estate commissions. The closing costs when selling a house in Palm Beach FL include: Documentary Stamp Taxes. Title Search Price. Condominium/HOA Association. Estoppel Letter Fee. ...

By Phillip Syrios, Investor and Property Manager
Comments 6
We broke down how to deescalate conflicts with tenants; whether it be over rent, late fees, moveouts, maintenance, etc. This skill is essential to staying sane in the property management business.  We're both partners in Stewardship Investments, LLC, which owns just shy of 500 units in the Kansas...
I am excited to have found Active Rain.  I can share my thoughts on here.I help Realtors in Las Vegas, NV with their Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation.I have been in Digital Marketing now 18 years.My husband builds custom homes for Blue Heron - he loves working there.  We have 3 boys 21,...

By Mary Bahe, Specializing in the Sun City Georgetown, TX area
(Rugg Realty LLC)
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$249,900Sometimes life throws us a curveball! Owner’s plan changed and this property is available again & better than ever. Brand new HVAC system fresh paint throughout, new window coverings, new ceiling fans, carpets cleaned & tile floors steam cleaned. Move in ready. Inspection report available...

By megan clark
(Real estate )
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    As many Of you may know, there are so many different principals of real estate, as well as different types of agensts. Some of you may not know the differences between them.                    Lets start off with the different types of agents. The first one is a Special agent which can also b...

By Amy Maiello, single family residential and vacation properties
(The Amy Group Powered by Exp Realty)
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GUIDE TO BUYING YOUR FIRST HOME Adulting can be a really difficult thing, but we all start somewhere. Perhaps for you, it started as an afterthought while sitting in your apartment or at your parent’s home, and you have an epiphany! “Hey, why am I paying someone else’s mortgage?” Now you’re on to...