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Getting to Green. By making older homes and buildings more energy efficient, you make a smart investment. Buildings that save energy sell faster and for more money. They cost less to run--cutting your utility bills. They are healthier and more comfortable to live in--with less mold and fewer allergens...preventing drafts and hot and cold rooms.
  Mt. Airy in Philadelphia is a nationally known neighborhood known for tolerance, progressive thinking, our wonderful Weavers Way Food Co-op, great public transportation, and the fabulous hiking, biking and horse riding trails of Wissahickon Park. 71 E. Phil Ellena is a completely renovated, 3 b...
Thanks to Wayne and Jean Marie Zuhl for your recent tips on sellers's neighbors! Great post. I go even farther: Paint the neighbor's porch if you have to. Offer to have their bushes trimmed. My client had an under-employed neighbor whose front door faced hers across a nice walkway. The neighbor's...
Don't cheap out. I just showed an exceptional house that has been on the market for 100 days. After 60 days on the market and feedback that said that the blue carpet in the entry was a turnoff, the motivated sellers replaced the carpet with a new wood floor. It is a million dollar listing, so tha...
Open Sunday! Send your Buyers! 71 E. Phil Ellena St in Mt. Airy. $175,000. A fully renovated single with 2 baths, 3 bedrooms, gorgeous eat-in kitchen, laundry/mudroom off the kitchen, 3 car driveway, huge, private fenced back yard. Call Zeta 215 669-3669. 
Unless it is a real steal, of course. No discrimination against Grannies.... Some Grannies have the coolest houses on the block. By Granny, I mean: dated, cluttered, old fashioned. I just showed a 52 year old woman houses in a hot neighborhood. One "Granny house" had been on the market for 2 year...
Blame the Internet and our busy lives. Buyers don't like to drive by the houses before we make appointments. But it sure would save us some time. Colorado realtor Mary Douglas recently described the result: We arrive for an appointment and the buyers know just by looking that they don't want to s...
That line got a laugh at Inman Connect in NYC last month. It is funny because it is so painful. I have a buyer with a 770 credit score who has been sweating the mortgage process for 6 weeks now. The listing agent kept nagging me to get the client to use the medium-sized agency-affiliated lender t...
They think they are though--even though lots of contractors are men who don't cook!!! Smart kitchen design makes a kitchen work right: Think "storage"...think "easy to clean"...think "pleasant to be in." Tile floors can be inexpensive, but standing for a long time on a hard surface can be tough o...
Darryl Davis says "Buyers want the shiney penny." Why don't contractors get that? Contractors offer Big Box store run of the mill. Buyers want something special: cool bathrooms, closet systems, cool kitchens. Believe me, they notice when you cheap out. Flippers are 45 year old guys. They keep ren...
Ten years ago all the talk was about how the baby boomers would sell when they retire. Surprise? They/we are not retiring and are staying in our homes. What that means for the market, I'm not sure. Here in the Northeast, 1st floor living....even a powder room on the main floor, are rare. When peo...

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