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Getting to Green. By making older homes and buildings more energy efficient, you make a smart investment. Buildings that save energy sell faster and for more money. They cost less to run--cutting your utility bills. They are healthier and more comfortable to live in--with less mold and fewer allergens...preventing drafts and hot and cold rooms.
It is brutal in the virtual world. Buyers and sellers are contacting lots of agents. Buyers don't clue you in. Something really gracious and considerate happened to me this week. After 10 days of emails, I set up appointments to show an out of town couple 8 houses. The one they wanted to see most...
Showing homes to buyers is tough enough when the keys work. But when the listing agent leaves a copy of a copy of a copy? And the key is really tough....Gad. Buyers really hate standing around while agents fiddle with keys. After 15 years, I practically have the touch of a safe cracker, but some ...
No one stages better than Starr Osbourne! Love this tip from House Beautiful's interview with Starr:Bring in the light. "Light sells," says Osborne. Unless you have a really bad view, let your windows breathe, Osborne says. Get rid of the curtains and drapes, and open the sheers. In addition to ...
       *Did you install any of the following energy saving products at your principal residence before Dec. 31st 2013: High-efficiency water heaters, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, central air conditioners, building insulation, windows, roofs, biomass stoves, and circulating fans used in qualifyi...
The 100 year old house is charming, with many original architectural details. The price is really attractive. So why hasn't it sold? Four years ago, FEMA redrew the flood plain map to include this home. The longtime owner was vaguely aware of the change, but he didn't really pay attention. Then h...
Love this tip. Light is psychological too. A light, bright room is so much more appealing. Even realtors who see homes all the time get a lift from a well lit, cheery room. I'm a green realtor. I hate wasting energy. But when you sell, leave all the lights on!  Bring in the light. "Light sells," ...
Today's home buyers are more busy and stressed than ever. Taking days off from work for building inspection and closing can be tough. I am so glad that my buyer Kevin was able to come to closing yesterday. We got to the house for the final walk through and found an ice dam had created a roof leak...
My client is moving out of the country. He has a sparely furnished house with newer, not-trendy, basic furniture. I was thinking of doing a tag sale for him. Am I crazy?????
This buyers were pre-approved by a big bank that is lucky to still be in business after the government bail out. I am shocked. With FHA required mortgage insurance, their payment is $2100+ a month. They have 2 children--10 +12 and the wife stays at home. Yes, they want the school district and the...
03/09/2014  4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths. Across from township owned golf and swim club. Popular Flourtown Gardens. Hardwood floors, open floor plan, cheery family room, lovely lot.

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