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        Today I had the opportunity to visit the New Living store on Kirby drive.I have blogged about how we, as stagers can make an effort to greenify our businesses.... It was truly a pleasure and such a relief to see that one can just go and pick up home products with eyes closed and be assure...
These days with all of us more aware than ever about our responsibility towards mother earth, being green has covered everything from grocery shopping to party planning to disposing off our garbage. That's not where it stops however, staging can be done in an ecologically responsible manner also....
  Hello fellow stagers! I have been shoppping for accessories and have found some awesome deals! This Milano  photo storage box originally retailed at $27.99.I got it for $4.99! Linen and Things is going out of business and that's where I picked mine up from. And ofcourse who doesn't love Target...
Catching up on Active Rain I came across Fernando Rosado's blog and it made me want to share something I learnt recently.....I was watching Tom Cruise's interview on Oprah this past Friday.He is celebrating 25 years in the movie business.In these 25 years he has gone from a newbie dancing around ...
Well, here goes nothing! I am totally new at this blogging thing but I am hoping mine will be as good a read as some of the amazing blogs I have read here.I recently gave a staging consultation to a lovely, very corporative couple.I say corporative not because they followed every piece of advice ...


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