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When you own real estate – whether an investment or a personal residence – you should procure the proper type and dollar value of insurance needed for your property. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the basics of how insurance coverage works, and many individuals just want to spend “as...
Many property management companies are quickly moving their business operations to the cloud. In this complimentary eBook, we cover what cloud computing is, how it can help your business grow and why so many property management companies are using cloud-based software. Download Your eBook Here
You already know that you, as a landlord, have a legal obligation to provide your tenants with a safe and secure property. This can usually be accomplished by making sure that every door and window has a working lock, and there is adequate lighting around the exterior. However, even if your prope...
Landlords often explore the lease-to-own option with tenants. This option carries many benefits. It can be especially appealing in down markets when properties are just not worth what they once were in a strong economy. If you are looking to sell your property, you can often explore the lease-to-...
Before a renter actually goes out and looks at apartment complexes, she browses online to find locations that she might like. Social media has created an opportunity to win over prospective renters before they even visit your complex’s website. But just mentioning your available units is not enou...
Nothing can be more costly to your job as a landlord than a tenant who has turned your property into a drug house. Drug houses spring up across apartment buildings and condos. They can be right under the nose of the landlord. Look out for these signs that your tenant has turned your property into...
Across the country, the “rental rush” is starting to set in, and for the first time since the housing market bubble busted in 2008, home prices are at the highest ever. The housing prices are having an unintended effect on the rental market, which has led to a growth spark within the property man...
Your landscaping is immaculate on your property. Your office and your staff offices are clutter free and welcoming. The chairs and sofas in your clubhouse are comfortable and stain free. Perhaps a batch of fresh-baked cookies sits in the reception area. Everything is in its place – right? Not qui...
by Leonard Baron  When you make a big purchase, or an investment, buy a car, sign up for healthcare, etc. you do you “homework” to hopefully make a sensible decision that gives you good value for the money you are spending. When you buy real estate, which is likely to be the most expensive, most ...
The security deposit is something that many landlords actually fail to collect when a new tenant moves in. Often, first and last month’s rent is requested and received, but landlords incorrectly believe that the last month’s rent also acts as a security deposit. In a way, the last month’s rent do...

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