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December is flying by; the same is true for 2014, and if I truly think about it, it's also true for my life.  The idea that I've reached the digits in my age simply seem surreal. Life, for me, is about people. I simply enjoy reaching out, talking, listening, teaching, simply being and connecting ...
I jumped into the ActiveRain world a long time ago.  Jumped is an overstatement, it was more of a soft and gentle wade into the end.   For most of that time, I've been commenting, following along, just listening to people speak. As a result of a Challenge, I posted daily in November and have kept...
I'm trying to get some info together, which I want to do on a weekly basis for 6-8 weeks or so. This post will keep me honest and do the work, which I'd started thinking about over 10 days ago, and yet, I've not started.  This then serves as my post in the ground. I'm looking at 4 properties, try...
The purpose here is simply to acknowledge, which I think is a healthy mental & spiritual step. Currently, I am working with some out of state sellers; half my age probably; easily twice as busy as I.  That's saying a lot since I'm essentially an Energizer bunny. We've never met, and all of our wo...
There's a great local charity, in Northern Virginia.  They've been around 20 years or so, and have worked to get over 1000 families from homeless into a home.  And that includes 3500 children. The average age of a homeless person in their program is 8 years old. Homestretch's philosophy is teach...
If you are a broker looking for the next agent to bring into the firm, what tools do you use? Surely you'll look at the prospect's statistics in the mls.           Surely you'll google the agent as well. Do you ever think to get into Active Rain, to see their professional social styles?          ...
Sunday (yesterday), I received a phone call from a prior client who wants to do a refi.  He wanted to ask me what I thought.  Well, I'm not a tax guy, I'm not a cpa, and I'm not a lender, so how can I help you?  From the general details, it seemed that he'd be a viable candidate to discuss a refi...
This coming week, the local REIA which I belong to is having two meetings.  Actually, 2 Holiday Parties & Charity Events Traction REIA Greenbelt Main Monthly MeetingWednesday December 17th at the Marriott Greenbelt, MD Traction REIA Tysons Corner Main Monthly MeetingThursday December 18th at the ...
There's a great tourist thing that I do with tourists who visit Washington,DC in December. There is "the" White House Christmas Tree, which we go to see.  In the middle of all the monuments and buildings on the Mall, so it's a neat site.  It also works with kids, so that's a bonus.  And we can a...
While at Toastmasters this week, I had the priviledge of selecting the Word of the Day for the meeting.  I chose "Frivolous". (adjective) characterized by lack of seriousness or senseeg, "frivolous conduct" of little or no weight, worth, or importance; not worthy of serious notice:eg, "a frivolou...

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