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If you want a favor from me, it's pretty easy. Invite me for coffee at my favorite coffee shop (that's a result of the time in Boston years back). In September at some point, a prior client, V, called to ask for some help in doing some work in his rental unit in Washington, DC.  Let's be clear, ...
Eric is my photographer, which really means.....he's one of my marketing tools. He solves problems.  He solves my seller's problems. The best thing about Eric is that I can tell him what I want, and then he'll tell me that he has a better idea.  Often, that's true.  Other times, he'll humor me be...
              Some people follow a few baseball teams, or 2-3 football teams.  No clear favorite, but a few they like. That's how I see a few lenders around me, and it was time to follow up with Scott, from Movement Mortgage.  His firm has assigned him to our office, and I love their quick turnar...
      One of the challenges this month was to follow up with our prior clients and our referral sources. That just means I have a legitimate reason, or more so than my usual "just being social". A higher authority was asking me to be social. One of my references actually led to this story, settl...
A few months ago, I helped a buyer get a sweet home, close to an ice cream stand, which I'd written about.  She had a housewarming, and naturally, I showed up with a few tubs of the ice cream. It was a fun get-together, and all was going well, until I met "her friend". This home was in Maryland,...
Let me be the first to say, I'm a strange duck. Mostly an introvert, which is why I've been part of Active Rain for years, but have only recently pushed past 200k points.  I'm not the extrovert, and so, I don't write.  Though I do read.  That's how I'd describe the real me.  That's how my family...
            In the past few weeks, I've had 2 different buyers find me. Let me tell you about each, surely you'll see a pattern.  Each is a relocation, but that's not the key.   J is from Atlanta, and was being relocated to the greater Washington DC area. He drove up for a weekend to see some ho...
There are some things that I can be very ocd about, and today, 11am Eastern, I knew I could get onto the defined site and claim my new url which has a .realtor extension. While I'm not certain of the value and the point of this, I'd rather lock myself in than to regret having done so later.  The ...
  A local r.e. speaker who I know recently wrote this story on housing & tax codes. I'll stay on the realtor side, and leave the economists and those steeped in the arcane tax codes of our country debate how to best get to a solution. But from a realtor perspective, it seems that many people are...
I received an email this afternoon, as a response to an email I'd sent. "ps: you may want to add a space after your cellphone number in your signature - my phone won't let me click on the number and call it from the email b/c it doesn't recognize it as a number. Just a suggestion!" I thi...

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