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How are Nurses like Realtors? It's not obvious. I was having lunch with her today and she was explaining that she is most effective with her patients when she can slow herself down....and. be. with. them.   When the patient knows she is with them, cares for them, and is listening to them, ultimat...
I've often been accused of being a loyalist.  Once I find a brand or a shop I like, I don't leave.  Still on marriage #1, after 20-odd years, and expect to be there another 20-30-40 years.   So, I don't go forward with change for the sake of change.BUT some change is good. My time at Active Rain ...
One never know why a neighborhood or subdivision goes pop.  But pop they do. H St NE, aka Atlas District, has been moving up & quick for the past 2-3 years. Everyone knew the streetcar was coming (but I'll point out it's not connected to the Metro/subway). It's been a long time coming, several de...
On some level, I think I'm looking for my voice, heck, that's a good excuse right? But that's not true. If I review everything I've commented on, or the few blogs I've hewritten, I can see the same reliance on particular words that I use more than others.  I can see the same words that I never us...
Everyone on Active Rain wants points, or, as least we look at them. My habit is to read the Rain usually late at night, when the day is done. I've noticed all the comments. I've started to notice that most of the people who post comments are Ambassadors and Millionaires. And so, the point-wealthy...
I've got some thoughts in my head lately about blogging, and baseball.  Over the next few days, I'll share some.  However, I never post as much as I'd like, and so, I'll start with a topic that's been hot on Active Rain lately, that being "Liking Comments". We've discussed if an author should lik...
We're all responsible adult professionals, right? And yet, how many agents do you think are not going to bother with Trulia verifications? Honestly, in the past month, I jumped through...

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