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It seems that more and more Lenders are sending out some misleading information to get their phones to ring.  Being in the industry, although I do not understand all of the Mortgage Lingo, I do understand that all loans are not for everyone.  Some of what they send out is almost Predatory, and mo...
Well, I'm on my way to get out of the Greenhouse Gas Hall of Shame!  Yesterday I posted Part 1 of 3 where I talked about re-insulating my attic.  I won't go into all of the details again, I will just get down to business.  On my way to find out the TRUE End Results of Re-Insulating your home with...
Occasionally I run across a new client, that like many, asks a lot of questions.  I love questions. I would rather my clients ask 300 questions than leave one out that would make them buy or sell a home without knowing everything.However, there are some questions that new clients ask that could g...
Houston is one of the many places in America where having proper insulation is a necessity.  Not too long ago I wrote I Think I Have Just Heard It All.  I spoke about how I was going to re-insulate my attic and how I found out about some GREEN Products to do that.  I thought I would split this up...
And if I have anything to do with it, many more to come.  On Active Rain I posted Why are GREEN Homes so slow to catch on? and now I will let you in on a little secret...I know the answer!  Actually, I did when I posted it. I have been running an on-line poll on one website to see what the common...
                                                                Regarding Sustainable homes?  We have touched on this subject on Jeff Geoghan's post titled A Green Building Conversation... and I thought I would take a moment to go over this in a little more detail.  It was actually Ginger and Rog...
So Why aren't they doing their part?                                              I am reading the Houston Chronicle this morning and am a little disappointed, yet I am excited at the same time.  Last Night I posted Why is GREEN slow to catch on? and woke up to a nice surprise.  They are discussi...
With Poor Air Quality of the large national cities in the news, Hollywood going as far as suggesting how many squares of toilet paper to use, and Al Gore trying to reduce Global Warming why is sustainable building so slow to catch on?We already ready know that GREEN Homes are:HealthierQuieterMore...
In the world of Real Estate there are many options for building.  All around the world groups are making efforts on building homes that are more friendly to the environment, and promote healthy living for the people that live in them.  Many products can adversely affect not just the environment, ...
The efforts of GREEN Building is making it's way Worldwide.  As I have written in previous posts, people strive for sustainable homes for various reasons.  I found this article in the Houston Chronicle that I thought was fascinating.The article is about a family in Austraila that has built a home...

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