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It has occurred to me recently that some consumers do not know why they should not have another Real Estate Agent show them homes.  There seem to be many different reasons why consumers do this, I will discuss a few:My Real Estate Agent is too busyI just drove by the homeI don't want to lose it i...
Houston, TX has always been a popular place for people to move.  I have seen people come for work, for retirement, to be closer to family.  We get folks from all over the world.However, I have been surprised at the number of people that do not want to live in the city.  Many transferees flock to ...
As a Realtor in The Woodlands TX I get asked many questions regarding a Home's Value.  When I meet people, they are at various stages of fact finding and often go to the County Appraisal District Website to get their answers.STOP! Don't go look there yet.  I am going to explain why it is NOT the ...
When you buy a house, does that make it a home? It depends on how you look at it.  Colleen Kulikowski posted What Makes a House a Home and that really got me to thinking.  What does make a home?Some houses are small, some are big.  Some houses are jazzed up, some need a little work.  However, I t...
                Thanks to JaneAnne Narrin, I've been MeMe'd.  I have shared alot about myself through different discussions here on AR so I will sum those up and add a little more.My life has been exciting in it's own way.  No fame and fortune, just hard work and stress.  What I love about my lif...
It seems like I just can't get away from the F word. It's in newspapers, on television, talked about in the line at Starbucks.What can we do to stop the F word?For those of you that may be getting scared at this point, I'm talking about Foreclosures!Foreclosures are on the rise in many places all...
So, I just decided to sit back and watch all of the comments regarding 60 Minutes yesterday since the whole   thing was just wearing me out.  After a while I thought to myself, E-Real Estate. Why Not.However,  I wanted to put that into perspective today.  Just WHAT EXACTLY do we do, and can it be...
So you want to buy a home.  Even if you have no idea where to start, with the right Realtor the process can be   simple. Maybe even enjoyable!  I will break down the steps so that you know what to expect.  Along the way I will put in some descriptions to help. You And Your Realtor: The Initial In...
I love to talk about what I have to offer my clients.  I am proud to be considered ad Realtor and proud to help  my clients on a daily basis, even on Holidays and Weekends.Here is a list of things that I do for my clients that contribute to getting a SOLD sign in the yard.  Someone call Guiness a...
Today is Mother's Day where Mom's all over the world get to Celebrate and get recognized for all of their hard work and determination.  I am taking the day to relax and take a break from all of the day to day commotion. I am not just celebrating Mother's Day today but it is also my One Month Anni...

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