My heart just dropped when the news of a terror attack in London broke. It is one of our favorite cities in the world for many reasons. One they speak English, they are allies and they speak English so it is super easy to get around. I like that the Brits carried on they are resloute like the Am...
It is already defintely Springtime in Texas. The flowers are out and the pollens as well. I hope in your area spring weather is around the corner as I know that many of you have had terrible weather with the Nor'easter that came in. This was definetly a very very mild winter for us I think if we ...
 Pssst...Real estate is good in Houston just in case you are wondering. I just want to make sure that word is out there. People are giving ridiculous offers for homes and we are all scratching our heads and wondering what is going on. You cannot get $50K off a new construction home that has recen...
   I love the ocean, too me it is very soothing. I always love to wonder what lies beneath. All the wonderful little sea creatures and those living in their world. Ok, there are some that are not so lttle  and cute but they are part of our world. The beauty of our world on land, sea and air const...

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