Another happy David Weekley customer! I had two closings last month with some really nice folks. I had been working with them for well over a year. It was really hard to put them on paper and they were so worried as this was their first home. They chose David Weekley after months of research and ...
  We are scheduled to have strong storms and rain. Other than buy a home with David Weekley in Cane Island, here is a few. Read a good book, go to a museum, snuggle up with your significant other, cook a meal and drink some good wine while listening to some wonderful music, true you can do most o...
   The Weekend Wine Review is a weekly series I will do on Monday’s featuring the wine tasted over the weekend. This weekend we tasted a new Rose called Mi Mi en Provence Grand Reserve 2015. This wine had a flat dull taste to it almost tasteless with a hint of sweetness. I love Roses but if this ...
    There are all kinds of love, the love of God, the love of family, the love of friends, I think you know get the picture. Today, I want to celebrate the romantic love. Two of our really good friends got engaged yesterday. We are so excited for them. They were high school sweethearts that found...

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