This year has been a good year both personally and professionally. My wonderful husband and I got to go to so many wonderful trips and spend quality time together.   Professionally I have had the absolutely worse buyers in my 10 years of real estate, but on that same note I have had some of...
Sunday, I received an invitation from my friend Susan who is also a chef to have a champagne tasting at her home! She lives down the street from me. Susan is also a wonderful Chef! I had had quite a day and all I had eaten was 2 hardboiled eggs and carrots. No time for anything else had been at ...
                                                                                                                                                 The Netherlands                                                                                                                  Bletchley Park outside...
I am taking a day off from commenting…I do not like this new 10 comments only..I will still try to do 20 comments when time permits..because the relationships I am making here in the rain are more important than the points..I will write a blog about this and more later! I will catch up with comm...
Boxing Day is celebrated in several countries, England being one of them. It is the day after Christmas when the servants received boxed presents from their employers to take to their families as they left to spend time with their family! The Gilberts spent the day sailing on Galveston Bay with ...
  We start the prep tomorrow night; I soak the beans in beer to make borracho beans. Of course with the Mexican Food we have on the 24th I make my cranberry margaritas so that all the flavors can blend. Of course Bob has the most important job of all test tasting the margaritas. Then on the 25th...
Today is the official start of the winter season for 2014. I know that many parts of the country have had several days of winter weather, here in Texas we have had to get out our winter coats several times already.  Well here‘s to hoping that winter 2014 is your best winter yet!          
The other night my son said he would make dinner and he was making chicken. I did not have any white wine in the cave, so I ran to the store and found this wine on sale for $9.99. It is not my favorite, but not bad for the price and if you want something easy on the budget and are having many pe...
        Yesterday, Thursday, December 18th, 2014 was The Cinco Ranch Ladies Club annual Holiday wine social.   We allow the fellows to come for the Holiday wine social. The Holiday wine social was hosted by Gina Gannon at her home.   Our hostess had decided that the theme would be California wine...
        I thought the Macy’s windows were adorable, but then when we changed Hotels and went to Midtown, oh my goodness, I could not decide whether I liked Sak’s 5th avenue windows better or Bergdorf Goodman’s. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them and looking at the displ...

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