The 4th quarter we stayed home except a really quick 2 day trip to London as we had 2 certificates to use and they expired at the end of the month. In November, we went to see Peter White’s Christmas Tour in Austin with Bob’s cousins Linda and Lance. December we just stayed home as I ran re...
      Last year’s 3rd quarter saw Bob and me celebrating our 15th anniversary in Japan. I could not believe the years have flown by. My dad and I went to see my mom’s gravesite for her Birthday in July it is always bittersweet when I go to San Antonio and I expect it always will be. In August we...
         This is an update to a blog I wrote last year on you never know what the day will bring.  For those that did not read the blog I was filmed for a segment on a TV show to be aired later. The lady called me today and told me that the show would air on Saturday at 10:00 on Telmundo here in...
      Last year’s 2nd quarter was an awesome quarter work was busy and I got a lot of travelling in. I was lucky enough to go the Washington DC meet-up and meet some really big hitters here in the rain. That was one of the highlights of the year plus we were lucky enough to coordinate that with ...
          I have been going to Luby’s since I was a tiny little girl. That is a long long time. My mom used to want to go to Luby’s for every occasion. When my kids were young that was the place. Then as they got older I got Luby’s out. Now, after a 10 year hiatus I am a Luby’s kid again. Everyon...

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