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A marketing strategy is an overall plan, in other words: The big picture. What are you trying to accomplish? By what time? How can this be done? There is nothing wrong with high aspirations or the "Power of Positive Thinking." But if your goals are not realistic, and you think that you can contro...
The selling-price to asking-price ratio is one of the most important statistics available about your real estate market. It is simply the percentage of the final asking price that is agreed in a contract. When it is calculated for a large number of home sales, the ratio is invaluable in determini...
Some are convinced that market values for homes can be somehow predicted from government tax assessments, not to be confused with professional appraisals. No doubt some of the confusion stems from the fact that assessment and appraisal both begin with the letter "A." Indeed, the stated goal of mo...
Many agents offer to perform a free market analysis for any prospective seller, or in fact any homeowner who requests one. If you have time to spare and are willing to make such an offer you will find some analysis recipients who will hire you to be their listing agent. This "get your foot in the...
In the “good old days” some of us might have presented sellers with a wad of printouts, offering a ration of verbiage about the expected price range. Some took a more direct approach and asked the seller what price he would like. Still others checked with the local tax assessor's office, deferrin...
The most valuable exposure for the homes you are marketing is through the computerized MLS database, which is likely 50 times as important as whatever is in second place. If you have any question about this fact, do a bit of statistical analysis on how homes are sold. The answer is likely to be l...
Being a strong listing agent is even more important now that our public has the capability to search a multitude of computerized databases of homes for sale and access a listing agent directly, bypassing any selling agent. The press of competition from other agents will be most apparent when you ...
Every market is unique, but we know that the real estate market is even more unique. Consideration of that uniqueness will help us to accept or reject ideas that periodically come to us from other markets, or from those who do not understand how our market fctions. (google 8 New Rules of Real Est...
Motivation, like happiness, comes from within.  You know it if you've got it.  If you do not, you will need to develop it quickly or find a real job.  Self-motivation is not only the best motivation; it is the only enduring motivation.  If you need someone else to constantly recharge your battery...
Many of us remember a very serious question: "What in the world would I ever do with a personal computer?"  We’ve come a long way in 35 years or so and many of us have accumulated a lot of real estate experience.  In the process of becoming wiser, we’ve gotten older.  (Did NAR report that the ave...

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