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"A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another." What a great idea for a meme this "5 things you don't know about me". So simple, but so catchy. What more do we love, but to talk about ourselves? No...
Being a professional of the real estate industry can be hazardous for your mental health. Maniac depressive even comes to mind.... You think I am exaggerating? Let me elaborate with an example and then tell me I am wrong...One day you get a call from another agent who is sending you an offer on o...
Buyers want to see what they are going to see before they see it... it is not riddle, but the reality of our profession. I recently published  a post with some statistics and one of them was that 78% of buyers don't even click on listings without pictures. I bet this statistic transaltes also to ...
When you think everything is going against you, remember that airplanes fly against the wind.The only place in which success appears before work is in the dictionary Yael Warmanwww.rightabouthomes.com
I have been reading a lot of posts these past few days about what AR has brought to you and your business. In my case, it had brought great new relationships, a lot of fun reading and writing, better placement on search engines and a lot of other wonderful things that although I am forever greatf...
A few of the latest blogs are excusing taking overpriced listings if the sellers agree in advance to lower the price in let's say two weeks. This sounds good and fair at first, but if you analyze this deeper, you'll realize that even if you lower the price after two weeks into the listing, the da...
This post started as a comment on Renee Burrows' featured blog, but I had so much more to say that it just seemed natural to start my own post out of it. Thanks Renee for the inspiration...So we were talking about overpriced listings and wether it is ethical or not to take one. I try to avoid tak...
I received an offer on one of my listings last week. We negotiated terms and the contract was signed by both parties. The morning after the execution of the offer, the buyer's agent calls me up and says: " my clients want to cancel the deal. They own another property that they want to sell later ...
I just found this paragraph really funny and I had to share it with you... I hope none of you do this..." Consider this true story, related by John Donohue, a law professor who in 2001 was teaching at Stanford University: "I was just about to buy a house on the Stanford campus," he recalls, " and...
I just finished reading Freakonomics, a bestseller by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner in which they share with the readers how economics has been applied to everyday situations. It is a must read. It is so fun to read that you'll breeze through it and it will change your perception of thin...

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