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The Treasury Department just unveiled rules to speed up short sales!  Those guidelines are: The property must be the home owner's principle residence.  The homeowner is deliquent on the mortgage or default looks likely.  The loan was made before January 1st of this year, 2009 and is less than $72...
Okay, I know life is not fair.  People are losing there jobs or working for half of the money that they are used to...  and I know that times are tuff out there.   But, maybe someone can hep me understand why the homes in the HUD market are having bids on them 20-30k higher than they are listed a...
Well here we are not even the end of October and already it's snowed twice in Elbert County.  What happended to the 51 degrees for today.  The Little Goblins will surely be cold on Halloween if its this cold already!  Yikes, thank goodness propane prices are lower at the momment, because last yea...
Being in the Real Estate Business, I was really shocked to see that this September, we had a 72% increase in Foreclosures in the State of Colorado. That's right folks, Foreclosures up 72% in Colorado for the month of September 2009 vs foreclosure rates of September 2008. Selling mostly Foreclosur...
8k!  OKAY.  I'm thinking this extension is needed now.  Not 2 weeks before the deadline.   Here's why.  When we have thousands of Lenders with programs for the 1st Time Buyer, the option was there for 6% Seller Concessions.  Is this gone?  Yes.  So, again 8k!  Okay. Increasing, not so good an ide...

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