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Bellingham is all its glory has a diverse amount of housing. Forexample, just 100 yards up the hill on Alabama can mean the differencebetween local druggies and a 100k view. Just behind Alabama hill is thebeautiful silver beach area. What a treat. Did you know many ramblers inthis area come on th...
Truths and Myths of Reverse Mortgage Nowadays we see a lot of TV ads advocating reverse mortgages. Many times seniors don’t quite understand the logistics of how a reverse mortgage works. For this reason, I will help clarify a few things to help aging seniors decide if a reverse mortgage is right...
Monetary Policy of FED for Larger Economy   The monetary policymaking body within the Federal Reserve System is the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). The FOMC currently has eight scheduled meetings per year where it reviews how to advance the dual mandate of highest economic employment and pr...
Downsizing in a Market with Low Interest Rates Leave a reply Downsizing is an important process of the home buying process. The house you raised your children in might be too big and holding on to important retirement funds that could be growing in some other investment vehicle. With the housing ...

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