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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day in my area.  I learned about this day from reading our local newspaper. The article was on the inside, about page 4, 5, 6, or somewhere thereabouts, but it definitely wasn't on page 1, where I think items of a good nature should be posted. The article wasn't v...
The topic for this week is haunted houses, specifically in my own geographical location.  According to http://www.whosonthelist.com/2009/10/top-five-haunted-areas-of-guelph/, there are 5 places in Guelph that qualify for the list of the top 5 haunted areas.  I would daresay there are more, and my...
Buying a new home can be a daunting project.  If this is your first time there will be words and phrases  that are used that might as well be in a foreign language - terms like amortization, mortgage, buyer's agency, appraisal, home inspections, property surveys, septic systems, and the list goe...
October is 2/3 complete and if you haven't done so already, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your home.  There are different tasks that need to be completed based on the type of home you live in - apartment, house, mobile home.  This list may not be complete but will touch on the ma...
I came across a topic today that kind of took me by surprise, although I am not sure why.  After all there are rate your doctor sites, rate your teacher sites so why shouldn't there be a rate your agent site?  So I decided to look a bit further into the topic and two questions came to mind immedi...
I just came back from attending a Richard Robbins seminar held this morning for 2 hours.  The seminar was free and I am usually skeptical about free seminars as there is usually something that is pushed.  Otherwise, how would the presenter make any money?  They obviously can't work for free, just...
This blog posting is not going to have anything to do with real estate. What happened 10 years ago today, in New York City, in Washington D.C. and in Shanksville, PA, was a tragic event that should cause us all to sit up and take notice of what is really important in our lives.  So many people's ...
I am in the process of configuring my business card order and I am not sure if I should have a photo put on the card or not.  I am wondering which card is most effective - photo or no photo.  That is the question. I am requesting feedback based on your personal experiences. Thank you in advance.
ACRE - Accredited Counsulting in Real Estate - how many agents have heard of this and what are your thoughts on providing real estate consulting services?

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