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International real estate - Second home or vacation getaway! - I have been meeting with a developer for the past several weeks and what he has is really something quite special. It seems most of us haveĀ traveled to Mexico at one time or another and we always go to great resort places. I myself wa...
Real estate 101 - creating a life-work balance - One of the sad truths about real estate as a profession is that it can consume you. It can take over your life and push loved ones aside like they were yesterdays news. Many agents do not take control of the clients form the beginning and they pay ...
Mangia Bevi - My favorite restaurant in the Denver Tech Center - EAT! DRINK! Mangia Bevi means to eat and drink in Italian and this restaurant located at 6363 S Fiddlers Green Circle on the ground floor of the (John Madden) Palazzo Verdi building is definitely a great place to do that. I have bee...
Rental prices are Mile High in Denver, it just might be time to buy. My middle son recently had several friends graduate from college and many are finding their first "big-boy/girl" job as an adult. After living away from the parents for the past 4-5 years, it is very difficult to transition back...
I am so glad to be living in this day and age. Technology, medicine, transportation, information, so much is available and I believe all that can read this are equally as blessed. I have had knee problems for almost 20 years and the past 6 months has been a real pain in my ACL. For the past 6 mon...
The only thing better than golfing with friends, is golfing with friends for a great cause. Some of you that know me, know that I enjoy spending time on the course and unfortunately for me I haveĀ  not been out this year, in fact I have not swung a club since last October. This is the longest drou...
Some of the worlds greatest athletes are converging on Boulder Boulder Colorado is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the country, it is also a favorite spot for triathletes to train. And this weekend the Boulder Ironman Triathlon will take place. Personally it has been a long time sinc...

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