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A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to visit with a local businessman. He is well known in the area and has been in business for decades. He knew I was in the ranch realty business. As we spoke he kept talking about using different local Realtors® to provide him with acreage comps. I disco...
NEW LIS PENDENS RULES Notices for lis pendens are a constant thorn in the side of real property lawyers. One merely has to file a lawsuit alleging a claimed interest in real estate and it makes all subsequent owners and lien holders on notice that the property is being litigated, and, in effect,...
Wildlife Co-ops and Land Appraised for Wildlife Management Use --Which way is the best wildlife management tool? How many times have you seen a property with livestock that looks like the lunar landscape? Not all landowners allow this to happen, but in my travels across Texas I have seen more pr...
Texas Surface Water: Ownership and Uses Texas surface water is far more visible and accessible to landowners than groundwater — but landowners should be careful. Much surface water belongs to Texas, and using it without a permit can cost as much as $5,000 per day. To avoid such onerous problems,...
I have had the distinct privilege of getting to know many chief appraisers around Texas. Some of these folks are absolutely great and others think you (the landowner) work for them. As I have taught my MCE classes across central and south Texas several of these folks have been in my classes. I te...
Do Buyers Need Proof of Ag Use from Sellers? There are several components that make up your taxes on rural property (this post will address land that has acreage associated with it) I’ll address the land only component. (Ag = agricultural valuation or exemption as it is commonly known) Ag land ha...
Texas Property Tax Code - Section 33.06. Deferred Collection Of Taxes On Residence Homestead Of Elderly Or Disabled Person § 33.06. DEFERRED COLLECTION OF TAXES ON RESIDENCE HOMESTEAD OF ELDERLY OR DISABLED PERSON.  (a) An individual is entitled to defer collection of a tax, abate a suit to colle...

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