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Get out of Debt, Debt Elimination Strategies, Mortgage Equity Management tools, Credit Repair strategies for homeowners and first time home buyers. Australian Mortgage, U1st Financial, Money Merge Account, be debt free, pay off your mortgagem Mortgage Loans,
Master-Mind Alliance is bringing its successful DONE Business Solution to Redding, Ca.     Founded over 30 years ago, by Richard Paris Borough, Ph.D. the Master-Mind Alliance has helped hundreds of small businesses succeed.  Given the challenging economy, we wanted to bring a group to Redding so ...
How To Set Up a Facebook Business Page - 30 Days to Social Media Results - Day 11 Yesterday we went through the anatomy of a Facebook Business Page. Today it’s time to set up a business page.  As a Facebook marketer, I am adamant that if you are using Facebook for business that you need to do it ...
Facebook to Replace FBML Code When Facebook changed the Facebook Business Page platform last week, they quietly announced that FBML code would be replaced by a more complicated Iframes format.In case you don't know, FBML code is what makes those great landing pages that encourage your visitors to...
What does Will Have to do with it?I’m a big fan of Bob Proctor and have been following his Six Minutes to Success video series since January.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend that you do.This is an awesome daily six minute exercise designed to help you focus on what’s important in you...
  Anatomy of a Facebook Business Page - 30 Days to Social Media Results - Day 10It’s time to launch into setting up your social media profiles and getting your social media machine in gear.  We start with Facebook, the “801” pound gorilla.  (I stole this from a comment, thanks Prayful)Currently F...
As everyone knows by now, Facebook unveiled a new platform for their business pages this week.  I happen to like the changes as I think that they benefit local businesses in many ways.   The new Facebook page lay out acts more like personal pages and provide some excellent tools for businesses.  ...
  It’s time to Create the Social Media Plan.  Gather the information that you’ve put together so far including: Business Goals Target Audience Marketing Actions Budget Social Media Marketing Matrix Business Goal Target Audience Current Marketing Budget Social Media Site Goal #1 Target #1 Actions ...
Touches,  Trigger Points and Transactions - The Real Power of Social Media It’s estimated that someone needs to see your message as many as 30 times before they internalize your business.  This means that someone needs to be “touched” by your marketing anywhere from 7 - 30 times before they will ...
What’s Your Story - The Real One?  Today I’m going to challenge you to find your real voice, the real you, not the word smithed you.    Too often businesses are inconsistent with the message that they put out.  The website says one thing, Facebook says another and Linked In, yet another.   We al...
  I Made it to Day 27....How Long Can You Make it?Yesterday my daughter showed me this powerful website game called Playspent      Playspent was developed Durham Ministries of North Carolina.  It models the choices that more then 14 million unemployed Americans have to make every month.  Real sce...

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