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Women and men have obvious physical and mental differences. The more you learn about the ways men and women are wired the more you will understand how to connect with them. The more you can connect with them the smoother your transactions will go and the more loyalty you will establish within the...
Cityplace is the downtown area of West Palm Beach Florida. This is where you can go for great night life, walks on the Intracoastal to view the magnificent yachts, eat great food at top notch restaurants, take in a movie, a theatrical performance, visit museums, shop or go to the Improv. It is al...
The Winter Equestrian Festival is held every year right here in Wellington Florida. Now that the big financial players and land owners have settled all their arguments like between Mark Bellissimo and Jean Mische of Stadium Jumping, once Stadium Jumping made the decision to stay at the Equestrian...
I discovered several years ago that most of us waste a lot of time during each day when each moment can be a learning moment. We spend time complaining about what we don't want and griping when we are in traffic, standing in a long line at the post office or waiting for eternity in the doctor's o...
After I wrote my post, Google Alerts- Creative Ways To Use Them; I received some comments from people who are not using them, who did not know about Google Alerts and who want to start using them but don't know how, so here is my first step by step tutorial I have ever done! I highly recommend fo...
O.K. here  I go again, looking for an agent to help me with a listing that is already procured and can not find anyone who has customer skills, etiquette or common courtesies!   The last time I looked for an agent to refer 2 listings to in Port St Lucie, Florida I could not find anyone either. I ...
Gazing below delicate feet she gazes into a thousand pieces of shattered glass, of what used to be an age old mirror, glimpses of torn memories dash through the reflection, glances, memories and nightmares all tucked safely away. Dancing was freeing to her spirit, thrusting through her inhibition...
Take a look at our cluster map over to the right on our blog. It is the map of the world there.                                                 You can also see the same cluster map right here: I am SO excited about the results so far! Have you ever wondered where people live who are reading your...
How do we spend our winters here in Palm Beach County Florida? This is the time of year when most folks up north are huddling around their fireplaces and going outside in complete garb of snow boots, hats, gloves and overcoats while we are in our shorts and tshirts playing outdoors in the sunshin...
I am sure that most everyone is using Google Alerts for your names and for your major keywords for your website and blogs.  Here are some additional and creative ways in which you can use Google Alerts: I like to use them for our town name. I have a Google Alert set up for Wellington Florida. Eve...

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