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When you embark upon your Keyword research get into your prospects' minds. Avoid going after keywords in the beginning that are too highly competitive and ones that everyone else is using. You can go there after you have some closed contracts as a direct result of your blogging and organic traffi...
Orchids are some of the most beautiful and gorgeous flowers in the world. Apparently I do not have a green thumb because one of my daughters gave me some pink orchids for my birthday and they died soon after! We went to the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach Florida with our entire county home...
Welcome to part 2 of our series, 'Short Sales In Palm Beach County- What You Need To Know. If you have not read Short Sales In Palm Beach County Part 1 then please take a moment to read the first in this series.  Just because you own a house in Palm Beach County Florida and you have found out tha...
We just got our point 2 website and I have some questions for you who use Point 2 websites. We have the professional version.If you are getting good leads and closed transactions from your Point 2 website please place a link to your website in my comment section below so I can check out the look ...
Wellington Homeschool families have a multitude of choices for extensions to their homeschool curriculum. The Christian Homeschool Athletic Association of Florida is one of the best programs for your kids to learn P.E. C.H.A.A. SAINTS as it is commonly known is a professional physical education p...
If you are sending out newsletters whether it is online or offline it may be time to check your response rate and see if you are losing the interest of your readers or engaging them in an exciting environment. With so much spam, commercial ads and forwarded emails are you providing a way for your...
Blogging For Business with Keyword Rich content to get your phone to ring is easier than you might think it is. If you have not caught up to where we are in this series then please read these posts first: Longtail Keywords For Blogging, Fishing With The Right Bait On Your Active Rain Blog.  Updat...
This was a bit too much to add in the post because of the graphics but I have some more great news about working the longtail! Please read Longtail Keywords for blogging, fishing with the right bait for your Active Rain blog.  Remember I said in my last post that I did not mind that our website o...
If you live here you most likely have heard of short sales in Palm Beach County Florida. You may have heard about them from the news media or from your friend down the street or your neighbor or even perhaps one of your family members. We will go through important information that you need to kno...
One of the topics that I am quite passionate about is the area of our freedom to choose our own medical treatments, what goes in our bodies and full disclosure of such. Freedom to parent our children without government interference and our right to privacy.    One voice may be small but together ...

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