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As I pondered over the last year of 2007 and reviewed my goals and dreams, many came to pass and many did not, or at least not in the way that I expected them to or in the way that I say they should. Sometimes there is more to it than the manifestation of a desire or a dream coming to pass or not...
Happy New Year! My New Year Wish To You is that you become the best that you can be, all that you can be and embrace where you are and who you are right here, right now. Here is the wonder of you: You are supportive of all those you are called to serve. You are making peace with who you are and a...
FEAR= False Evidences Appearing Real! That is what Fear really is. It is an imagined outcome of something that has not occurred yet. It holds us back from being all that we can be. We are all terrified of something or many things. Many people would rather die than get up and speak in front of peo...
When you drive up to the entrance of Versailles- Wellington Florida Luxury Home Development you will fall in love with this multi-million dollar entrance and clubhouse. The tree lines roads are filled with upscale Palm Trees and landscaping that make you feel like you are on some island resort co...
New Years day comes only once a year. There are 365 days in a year. It is a tradition for people to make New Years Resolutions each year. It makes you feel good. The idea of starting a new year and to become a new you is very enticing and inspiring. However, did you know that most all people have...
Make 2008 the year you stop watching the negative news and reading those Real Estate dooms day reports! The more that you fall for that negativity the more it will come true for you.  Make 2008 the year that you turn around and moon those media naysayers! Make a mark on your market! There is a si...
Why, we spend it in the pool heated to 88 degrees in the sunshine and 78 degree weather, sunny and warm! So when you are tired of shoveling snow we have wonderful real estate for sale down here! Of course we still follow all the traditions of my family. My family is from Latvia and the other part...
The post that I just wrote, How much money are you going to make in 2008 really received some great comments which caused me to think of many more posts to write revolving around these comments. Usually if one person brings up a question in a comment there are many more readers thinking that sam...
One of the foundations of our country is our right to our Freedom of Speech. One of the very foundations that sets our country apart from many other countries is our right to our Free Speech as well as our right to read what we want to read, discover what we want to discover and to research what ...
What are your financial goals this new year? How much money are you going to make?People who write down there goals will achieve them much more than those who don't. You must write them down with a pen or pencil in your hand not typing on a computer or on your palm pilot. There is some connection...

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