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The overall strategic financial planning provided by Ebere Okoye's highly dedicated team at The Wealth Building CPA includes wise tax preparation that ensures that you pay out the minimum in taxes, allowing you to invest the income thus saved wisely. Okoye's team then provides guidance in how to invest this (and indeed any) excess income, in real-estate as well as in investments in the stock market and other areas, and these careful financial strategies will allow you, over the years, to build up a comfortable 'passive income' generated by your assets, that can support you completely. The services provided by Okoye's team can help businesses just as effectively, providing much-needed additional stability and growth.
JOIN US FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR! Tuesday, May 22, 2012 7:00 pm EST Building Your Business For Success! On this webinar you will learn: How to pick the right experts for your Power Team What you can do right now to speed up your wealth creation Which real estate strategy is right for your lifestyle ...
Choosing a real estate investing strategy can be a huge dilemma, especially when you are just starting out. Should you invest in short sales, note sales, or flips? Should you invest for cash flow or appreciation? Do you invest in your home town or nationally? Trying to decide where to start can b...
Join us for a FREE Webinar on '3 Walls of Defense from the IRS'  Tuesday April 24, 2012 7pm EST GRAB YOUR SPOT HERE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Ebere Okoye will teach you Powerful Audit Defense Strategies! In this webinar, you will learn: How to avoid stupid mistakes that trigger an IRS audit How to au...
    Misconceptions and Audit Proofing Strategies  You know that fear. It's the one that makes everyone paranoid around tax filing time. So many people let the FEAR of the IRS cause them to even overpay their taxes. The IRS's biggest weapon is FEAR, but this should not stop you from taking a legal...
   Ebere Okoye, The Wealth Building CPA will teach you... “How to Prevent an IRS Audit and Keep the IRS off your Back!” March 27 at 7pm EST In this webinar, you will learn: how to avoid being on the IRS ‘hit list’ how to defend yourself if you are audited how to eliminate Fear of the IRS with a 2...
Considerations for April 15, 2011 Tax Deadline If you hold rental real estate or know someone who hold rental real estate. This is a must Read.  IRS has decided to target returns with rental real estate for audit in 2011.     The IRS recently released a report indicating their intent to perform ...
Our show, "The Wealth Building CPA reveals her secrets" on "RealEstateApprenticeship" is airing 02/16/2011 on BlogTalkRadio.  Join Nicheole Amundsen Dayna Edwards and their special guest the wealth building CPA Ebere Okoye for a robust conversation about how to give less money to the IRS. Ebere i...
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Please join us on January 25th, Tuesday at 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST) for "Wealth Building Secrets for Real Estate Investors" Click here to register > Join Ebere Okoye, Founder of Wealth Building CPA, in a discussion about tax strategies for investment real estate. Ebere owns real estate in five s...
Audit prevention involves using strategies in this publication to prevent or reduce your chances of an audit. One strategy to reduce your chances of an audit is to file an extension for your tax return. Filing as late as legally possible can minimize your chances of being audited. The IRS schedul...


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