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Real Estate Agent - Haggerty Team St. Louis, Mo.
I am been following the St. Louis Cardinals since the early 60's and this game last nite had to be one of the best I've seen.  Two starting pitchers who once played on the same team and are actually good friends.  Both pitched a great game and it was a shame that one of them had to lose.  Hallida...
Well for a team that only barely snuck into the playoffs, the St. Louis Cardinals have been giving the Phillies all they can handle.  Not surprizing tho, all year the Redbirds have done well this year against good teams and lost many while playing against sub par teams.  Game 5 will be played in ...
More importantly, does our failing government have any such plan?  If not, do you think they should?   I have been hearing quite a bit in the news lately about the country of Greece adopting extreme measures and cutting vital services as it tries to survive the "Great Recession".  I have also hea...
This one kinda snuck up on me, i usually notice it on the calender a few days before.  I'm not all that superstitious and the way things have been going I feel like maybe good things will happen on this day.  so go about business as usual and have a productive  "Bad luck Day!"!
My Thanks to Nancy Milton for this great advice!!  I found this post to be an excellent reminder to agents that unless you are working with  a  pre-qualified buyer,  everyone loses!       One of the self-imposed rules my teammate and I use when working with buyers is a common one in the world of...
Here's a great post by Kerrie Greenhalgh!  This is a perfect example of real success stories from Active Rain users.   There's  also a link to find more ideas to increase your success. everyone still stuffed from Thanksgiving?!?  Maybe having some le...
Here are the contents of an e-mail sent by my broker.  I found it to be worth repeating Good Evening: What better way to celebrate this important holiday than by offering a personal THANK YOU to five veterans that you know?   There are men and women of honor all around us, many like our leader Da...
Yes, it's time for Daylight LOSING Time!   We won't go back to Daylight Savings time until March 2011.  I have never been a fan of this!  I know it's great to have that extra hour of daylight in the summer months but the days already get shorter during the winter and we take another hoour of dayl...
There never has been a transfer or "sales" tax on the sales of homes in Missouri and on Tuesday the voters were given the opportunity to decide!  Those who voted were loud and clear---84% said YES to NO new taxes!  It is already a tough market to get your home sold and the last thing we needed wa...
It's a little tricky but a YES vote means NO we do not want to add another tax burden on ourselves!! These are tough times for us all and the last thing we need is a transfer tax on the sale of our Homes! Many folks are already upside down on their mortgages due to layoffs, reduced hours, badly a...

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