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I found this really informative post by MIKE COOPER It truly could save your life !  You owe it to yourself and family to check your electrical outlets. Owning a real estate brokerage and an electrical contracting company has a number of advantages for me.  It's not unusual for me to offer electr...
This post originally posted by     JOSEPH METZLER    is well worth repeating.   It dismisses all the myths surrounding credit inquires and the effect they have, usually NONE OR LITTLE, on your credit score!   Well worth reading!    The truth about inquiries on your credit report (it isn't what yo...
       I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!Enjoy the Holiday and remember to be Thankful for those you spend it with!! Also, my annual reminder to those of you who who leave the Festivities early to launch   $$ BLACK FRIDAY $$ ! May your lines be long and the person just ahead of yo...
Here's a brief synopsis of how the market has improved even over last year.Here are the highlights for October 2017: Single family homes sold - up 6 percent from one year ago Median sales price up 7 percent from last year – $171,000 compared to $160,000 Days on market down to 98, from 156 one yea...
I recently helped a client clean out his garage and saw this on side of trailer.   Yeah I have owned a few cars I think were made out of CRAP METAL!My client made just enough to cover cost of gas with his old scrap metal.  But his garage looks much better and roomier.
It just goes to show when you treat people honest and fairly, yor business grows!  I'm proud to be a small part of such a great company!     Worth Clark Named to the Inc. 500 for the Second Year in Row August 16, 2017 For Immediate Release   Worth Clark Named to the Inc. 500 for the Second Year ...
This is where I chose to keep my license some 4 1/2 years ago, I was their 33rd agent, now they have approx. 200 just in the original office!   I'll be retiring soon but keeping an eye on WCR as they continue to grow!!   Congratulations to Bryan and his FANTASTIC staff  of professionals! Worth Cl...
I am re-blogging this excellent post because it points out and explains how agency works better that any other that I have read!   Many thanks to the original author --  DEBE MAXWELL Are you sure you want ME to Show You This House? I'm Not Your Agent! At least a half-dozen times a day, we get cal...
I would like for ALL to have a Joyous and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.   Also to ALL who celebrate that aberration known as Black Friday, PLEASE wait until Friday and spend ALL of today with Family and Friends!!   Best wishes to all!Just wanted to update a bit, now it is actually Black Friday, and ...
Two contracts came in about an hour apart on Friday and both got accepted!   Some days I actually DO LOVE this Job!   I know many of you are used to getting multiple deals done in the same day but this is a first for ME!  After 12+ years in the business, this was a nice surprise! Oh, by the way, ...

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