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Remember, clean sells.  That should be a very easy thing to understand, but to actually do it - to put it into practice for selling your home - may not be as easy  Stand back and take a look as though you were a buyer viewing your home for the first time.  What would you expect to see?  How would...
Today’s home buyers generally expect to obtain possession of their new home when the deed is recorded - possession on closing. Do you have a plan in mind for where to move your belongings in case of a quick close, say two weeks from the day the buyers look?  That’s quick! In Arizona at least, rea...
Let your real estate broker know you wish to sell your home.  Your broker can represent you, and help you get TOP DOLLAR!  When you hire a broker to assist, depend on them to provide Pro-Quality Photos, determine the proper dollars per square foot for your home, and maximize your exposure on thei...
The value of your home is generally determined by the value of other like-sold-homes.  The measure for comparing recently sold homes is dollars per square foot, determined by dividing the sales price by the measured square footage. Two homes of similar square footage that are located near each ot...
To sell your home for top dollar, you need to light it up!  Not just a little, but a lot! Before showing your home to any buyer, make sure you have the electric power turned on and working.   Replace any/all lights that are burned out, dimmed, flickering, or yellowed.  You want even and bright li...
In the world of online marketing, one of the most important things you need in order to sell your home for maximum price, is high quality photos.  You don’t necessarily need to hire a photographer, but at least have some good equipment to use for these photos. Before placing photos on a website, ...
This is a very important item for every seller to consider - should you move out prior to trying to sell your home?  Or, can you make it continually showable while you live there?  You need to decide if you can tolerate the constant interruption(s) of showing your home when you’re right in the mi...
In selling your home for top dollar, one of the easiest things for you to do is an online thing.  You don’t necessarily have to be a computer genius to take care of this either.  The only thing you really have to be able to do is use and read a tape measure!  Quite a challenge, right? Many of the...
Are you thinking about selling your home?  Over the next few blogposts, I will give you some simple reminders of things you can do to maximize your sale price when you sell in Arizona. Generally speaking, this is a summary of the most important things to keep in mind.  You can do whatever you wan...

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