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If you are serious and not just curious about creating wealth through Real Estate Investing then please review the above information as well as the information at our website and fill our lets talk so either I or one of my colleagues can get back to you to help get you started working with us. Thank you and I look forward to working with you. Wallace Hobbs Nouveau Riche Advisor 215-896-0048 Office
To tell you the truth, most Real Estate lead programs suck.With this software my buddy turned me onto, in just one small test we generated 107 leads in 9.2 seconds flat. And these weren't wore out old leads, but LIVE fresh leads that I could actually do something with. To make it even more amazin...
When some really smart people agree on something, you can usually count on their advice. And most smart older people agree that you should put off buying your first house if you have just graduated from college. The stereotypical twenty-something has: student loans, car loans, credit card debt, e...
Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling Their Home Ok we all know that most people believe they know everything there is to know about selling their house. They sign a contract with an agent, hold an open house, and wait for those multiple offers. But some common misconceptions about the wh...
You really have to watch this hot News Story about a relatively unknown Real Estate Investor who is Exposed on national Channel 3 News for -  I Buy Houses.  Watch This Close!  It may surprise you!   Expect Success, Wallace Hobbs
Hello, Wallace Hobbs here wanting to see what you want to accomplish in Real Estate and Real Estate Investing over the next year 2009. Turst me, It's best to have set goals and have them written out so you can revisit them and see how you're progressing. Maybe you hoping to continue educating you...
Ideally, your home will be gorgeous before it goes on the market--fresh paint, cleaned windows and drapes, spotless floors and carpets, fresh flowers on the table, every detail attended to. Will you get more money for your home than a similar but less-attractive home down the street? Not much mor...
Location ~ Location ~ Location I am pretty sure you all have heard this Real Estate quote many times before. You can redecorate, rebuild, relandscape, perhaps even modify certain aspects of a home's location, but you can't change where a home is located.  (unless you move the house!) At a minimum...
Many homeowners believe selling by owner can save the broker commission. Yet, many for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) ultimately list their homes with an agent.Here are a few of the reasons why they go with a pro: Facing a full-time job on a part-time basis. Most people are busy today. Many end up listin...
Good Credit Behavior Now Rewarded In New FICO FormulaEven as lenders take a closer look at loan applications, the company that developed the model for credit scoring-Fair Isaac Corporation-has decided to modify its formula in a way that will reward responsible borrowers. The upshot: If you have g...
Who do you feel would be the better President that will help the Real Estate Industry the most? Why do you feel this way?   Wallace Hobbs Real Estate Investor

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