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I remember just a few years ago when it took months to build a nice looking website.  Now with all the WordPress themes available you can build one in a day or two depending on your experience. I recently found a great theme that you can view at www.kolea.com that came with really good documentat...
As I watch what google is doing I can see an end coming to SEO value for Twitter and Facebook.  I know many people will disagree with this as it has been stated a number of times that the social web will play a big part in future SEO.  Here are my reasons why. Right now Google still dominates sea...
I typically like to keep my blogs real estate related, but with the baseball playoffs going on I could not help myself this time.  My question is, how do they determine the scheduling of the playoffs? I am a big Texas Rangers fan and for the second year in a row they have played the Tampa Bay Ray...
With the continuing struggles of the economy not many investment properties are having any success.  Of the many properties we manage at on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort is the only one that seems to be on the rise. Kolea is a luxury beachfront community offering 2 and ...
I have been using Google+1 for about a month now and have enjoyed many of the features it offers.  One thing I recently discovered is that it will assocciate everything you have done in the past via google with your account.  Given that, you better make sure everything you have is updated or you ...
On the Big Island of Hawaii we have run into a lot of issues lately with quality control on VRBOs (Vacation Rentals by Owners).  Although some guests do have positive experiences, the horror stories of renting through VRBOs is multiplying to the extent that I believe it is hurting my business as ...
A few months back I posted a blog about some issues the State of Hawaii is having in enforcing state laws with regards to vacation rentals.  Just recently they imposed a new law requiring a $10 fee to be paid on any free night at a transient accommodation (vacation rental/hotel/etc).  Given that ...
Just recently I had an issue come up with my Facebook business page that I could not find an answer to in the support forums.  I then tried to find a contact for Facebook on their site and realized they do not want you contacting them because I could not find it anywhere. Has anyone else had the ...
For many years Googles main ranking factor were links.  Google recently announced that links were not going to have near the weight they used to.  That lead me to question, what will take its place?  Here are some theories: FacebookFacebook is very well established and Google may give weight to h...
  Google places was a great idea google started a few years ago, but even after a few years they are struggling to have success with it. Since Google is giving high weight to Google places and is placing it on the front page of many of searches, many people are trying to get their information on ...

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I own a vacation rental business at Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. You will enjoy information about Waikoloa, industry news, as well as info on my vacation rentals and company. Since owning Waikoloa Vacation Rentals I also got into the online marketing aspect of the business. From time to time I will blog about industry news and information related to online marketing.