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One of our fellow ActiveRain members put me on to a web site for SEO.  I have looked at tons of sites, but this one is really interesting and I could spend hours reading through the discussions on the blog.  If you have some time, check it out.  It is www.seomoz.org.
When I first started my sites I was number 1 on yahoo and not even on the first page on google.  Since optimizing my site, I have moved to around number 2 on google and down on yahoo.  I know google is the main thing, but there is some traffic to get from yahoo.  Any input would be great.
Is there a wordpress plug in where you can make the url versus it just putting one in?  Right now it will do something like http://www.koleahi.com/?cat=4 rather than www.koleahi.com/information.  I have the All in One SEO, but that seems to be mostly for meta stuff.  Any help would be great.  Tha...
I just started up a new blog for a resort in my area.  I was attempting to put adsense ads along the bottom of each page.  I have the adsense plugin installed, but I am not sure how to get it within the blog.  I also have an ad sense account set up for it.  Does anyone know how to get it in there...
How many of you use Alexa traffic ranking?  Do you find it to be a good tool?  I have used it for years and have found it really helpful until they made the change in the last year.  Here is what I have started to notice and I am not sure if it is a glitch or if people are purchasing traffic onli...
Hualalai Resort Hawaii is one of the premiere destinations on the Hawaiian Islands.  With two of the highest rated hotels in the US, Four Seasons Hualalai and Kona Village, the service at Hualalai is nothing short of spectacular.  Hualalai features two of the most challenging as well as beautiful...
Kolea 8C is one of the best positioned Penthouse Villas in all of Kolea. Full Ocean View with direct Beach access to the stunning Anaehoomalu Bay and the beautifully appointed Kolea Beach Club and Amenities right across the way. You'll never miss a crimson sunset or the whales breaching in the az...
I work in a fairly competitive market on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Here are some things I found regarding SEO that I see many people posting about and thought it might be helpful. Me and my competitors site on page is SEO is fairly comprable.  Here are the areas where my site is bette than their...
Kolea 9K is a beautiful, three-bedroom, two-bath condominium with a nice garden view and is just steps away from the Kolea Beach Club. The living area has a large couch with a LCD television. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and is fully-equipped for all of your cooking needs. There are...
It is unreal how addicted you can ge to SEO.  Anyways, I have written several blogs (a few too many) on how I should incorporate blogging into my web sites.  I finally decided I wanted to do it the simplest way and probably the less SEO efficient way, but what would help my guests the most. Here ...

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I own a vacation rental business at Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. You will enjoy information about Waikoloa, industry news, as well as info on my vacation rentals and company. Since owning Waikoloa Vacation Rentals I also got into the online marketing aspect of the business. From time to time I will blog about industry news and information related to online marketing.