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We have lived in this beautiful three bedroom house in the Waikoloa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It has an expansive lanai with panoramic ocean views.  The finishings on the interior are very well done.  We just purchased a house in Waimea and have to move.  We are looking for someone th...
Kolea is one of the only beachfront condo complexes in Hawaii.  Kolea offers ultimate luxury with great views and great finishings.  Kolea is known for its Kolea Beach Club.  The Kolea Beach Club features an infinity pool overlooking A'Bay, lava rock jacuzzi, open air fitness hale, and a children...
We were scheduled to get married in Mexico next month at Dreams Tulum on the Riviera Maya.  Due to some government issues, that resrt may be shut down during the dates we were going.  We are now looking for a new wedding destination in that area.  We are not looking to stay in Cancun and want som...
I have been blogging over the course of the last week attempting to get help setting up a WordPress blog on my site.  What I found out in the end is you can set up a real simple WordPress blog when hosted by Godaddy using windows hosting.  Once you try to take your blog further with much needed p...
For you that have been helping me through the way, I finally have the blog all set up.  My questions I have not is probably a pretty simple one.  What is the difference betwee a post and a page?
I started a blong on WordPress yesterday and got some good help....better help than I got from WordPress' web site.  Here is my problem.  If you go to www.waikoloavacationrentals.com/waikoloabeach, I finally got my header on there, my problem is that it does not fit. What my book and google searc...
I am trying to put the header I put on my web sites on my wordpress blogs that I am setting up.  All the tutorials I go to tell me to change a code that I can not seem to find.  Can someone please tell me how to get that on there  Thanks!
Does anyone believe that an outgoing link to a BBB or Chamber helps your status?  If so, I struggle to see where that would be true because anyone can link out.
I was reading through some blogs yesterday and saw one by Jeff that hit on something I was goingt o write about.  He had about 50 comments and I put a comment, but never got a response so I thought I would just do a blog on it and maybe get more feedback. I have been wanting to incorporate bloggi...
I have been doing the optimization for my web sites for the last two years.  The main property I manage at is called Kolea.  I have been trying to pass one of my competitors (the only one ahead of me) on google for that search term.  My site is www.koleabeachvillas.com and their site is www.kolea...

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I own a vacation rental business at Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. You will enjoy information about Waikoloa, industry news, as well as info on my vacation rentals and company. Since owning Waikoloa Vacation Rentals I also got into the online marketing aspect of the business. From time to time I will blog about industry news and information related to online marketing.