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For years buyers have been crying out for more supply. Their wish is finally coming true. In the last 7 days we saw more than 3,000 listings added to the ARMLS residential database for the first time since 2010.With demand dropping below normal, this torrent of new listings is growing our active ...
 My son once told me, “Dad, you’re never going to make it as a real estate agent because you’re too honest”. This statement really took me by surprise, especially coming from my 10 year old son. I knew right there and then that if this was people’s perception of Realtors, I was going to make hone...
...but sometimes we still do. As of today, in our fabulous city of Phoenix, we set a new record for number of days of temperatures over 110 degrees. Sure we break records all the time for weather related issues, but this time the record was shattered. The previous record was 33 days, we are curre...
I keep hearing people say that everything has changed. That all the things that we once considered normal, are now a thing of the past. That we have to look forward to the future as a time for change and accept our "new normal". I don't really feel any different today, when I look in the mirror I...
Beginning this year, just before the world went into pandemic mode, I decided to hang my license with HomeSmart Realty. Maybe it was because I started to noticed more and more of their flashy red, white and black signs in the neighborhood. Or maybe it was because more and more of my agent friends...
Of course the answer is "To Web". But how? and why? and where do you start?Well I decided to start with GoDaddy, and I thought that was okay.Then I realized I needed IDX on the website, so I researched several companies for one that wouldn't break the bank.Then I found out that GoDaddy isn't a Wo...
How can I be a better real estate agent? Maybe I can be taller?Popular consensus tells us that the ideal height for men is between 5’10” and 6’0” tall and for women it is between 5’5” and 5’7” tall. Well, if being taller makes you a more preferred salesman, I may be out of luck. Unless men’s plat...
There are times in our lives when it's just better to step back and say nothing.Take a deep breath, exhale slowly and let your mind rest.      Enjoy all the wonderful things in your life that surround you.      Be grateful for what you have, feel the greatness of life itself.         Let go of wh...
 There's nothing like having a mountain in your own backyard. I've received my fair share of exercise from hiking the various trails on Look Out Mountain while enjoying all the spectacular views and natural habitat. You can feel like you're in the middle of nowhere and still get a great city scap...
The definition of Phoenix is a long-lived bird that cynically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of it's predecessors.With our extreme summers, you may think the city got it's name from this fiery mythical Greek bir...

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