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Allowing the buyers to see how they can live in your home
Dark paneling was a status symbol for years.  We think of it as being rich. Rich is may be AND it's dark. I had a difficult time convincing the owener of this home to paint the paneling.  Now the room looks twice the size.   After
This room has never been taken advantage of.  The owner didn't need the space before selling it.   We finished the ceiling added a good flooring, paint and furniture    
The home owners son has been working on the Do It Yourself project for over a year. Stage-Show-Sell came to the rescue. The homeowner moved out of state and the well meaning son was working to get this house ready for the market. The small home has few cabinets and the refrigerator and stove look...
  We've posted about wall paper before and I hoping that we have some new solutions to this "trendy" problem. This rooms appears to be the worst of the several rooms that I have to renovate. Any suggestions?   In the past I've used the downy and the scoring of the paper before steaming and neithe...
My realtor is real happy with Stage-Show-Sell...Example #2 Birmingham   This home has been on the market, priced was to high, for 18 months.  The realtor that chooses to work with me :-) had the seller stage the home with, of course, Stage-Show-Sell and priced the home where it needed to be. Pric...
Bye Bye Booties.  I hate to see your go Bye Bye Booties   Little play on words here.  It came to mind after watching this weeks episode of Mad Men.   Love that shoe.   I've always put a basket of Blue Booties (shoe condoms) for those rainy/snowy days.  We hate to see the hard word that we've done...
    My realtor is real happy with Stage-Show-Sell...Example #1   Royal Oak Like many stagers I've been working on a good relationship with a realtor.  After several months and many successful sales he BELIEVES He knew that this house would have sold for tens of thousand less without the work of S...
This post has had many comments.  A lot of them quite negative about stagers.   The point is that it really bothers agents that we get paid when we do a  project.  Some of us do creative financing ...
Realtor is real happy with has fast this went pending.   This Estate had very limited budget for getting it on the market. We had to choose between getting rid of the yellow walls that just didn't make it with the dark green carpet.   We also had very old kitchen flooring. We choose to paint the ...
Sellers get your homes ready with Professional Staging. This summer houses are going to move.Mark my words, the summer of 2009 will be a hot one for real estate sales. And the absolute worst mistake you can make is not to be prepared.Economists, analysts and the National Association of Realtors (...


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