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Technology is passion.  Sometimes I can keep up with it and sometimes I can't. Sometimes I fight foolishly.  Like Blogging.  Who is their right mind wants to BLOG. Now this QR code thing had me really perplexed in the last few days.  A Facebook friend suddenly had this horrrible picture of him se...
My third phone, The Samsung Propel Pro, died last night.  I'm going to be doing some major fighting.   This past month has been unbelievable for me with my cell phone. In fact it was bad the whole month of Sept too because I was traveling and ATT services weren’t available in those areas. (that’...
I’ve been using Real Estate Shows (RES) for many years.   The first several years were for my listings that were for sale.  Of course this makes sense.  It’s a real estate show!! In the past several years I’ve used it for marketing my Before and After Photos of staged homes.  Now I’m using Real E...
We are all kids at heart and I wish all my fellow kids out there a happy and safe night Trick or Treating night. My fondest memory of this holiday is meeting my husband at a party and marrying him 3 years later.  44th anniversary was this weekend.  
30 years ago Mt St Helen erupted kill many and devastating the area.  At that time my sister lived at the base of the mountain, the other side that rec'd little damage, and left town for a month.   She grabbed her kids and fled.  That was a very wide choice because no one knew which way it was go...
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian Friends and Associates.   Enjoy the day
  When I find a post that says things better than I can (and this definitely does) I re-blog it. Enjoy the simple facts about getting your home ready for living and for sale.   Happened to be home when Oprah was on this afternoon. The topic was Makeunders. Women who needed less not more. But this...
One of my favorite memories of smells is when I was living in my parents home.   Many many years ago. We didn't have a clothes drier for years so the linens, baby diapers (long before papmpers) were hung outside, summer and winter, to dry. Funny thing about hanging clothes outside in the winter i...
I thought that I would beat my head against a wall last week and approached a realtor with my staging and photographic skills. Our prices are very reasonable and we are very good at what we do.  She was amazed at the job of a condo transformation that she has listed.   She thought the photos and ...
Stage-Show-Sell, LLC and Marianne are pleased to show off our latest vacant home stage.  The list price is $229,000 and is being marketed by    Lisa Debs Suite Properties 1250 Library St. #41 Detroit, MI 48226 M  313.505.3713 O  313.962.2400 F  866.620.6937 The home is 1800 sq foot colonial with ...


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