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This is the 2nd home we staged in last weeks snow storm. Again the owner did a absolutely wonderful job getting the house transformed for the 2011 market. He has a real gift and I hope that he's as successful with these two homes and with homes in the past.
The owner of this home is a pure genius. He's taken a tired ranch and made it into a palace. Have a look at what he started with.   In this photo it's a two bedroom and one bath ranch   and this is what he finished with.  It's now a 3 bedroom and 2 full bath. The master suite is ,excuse the sayin...
Neither snow nor rain nor heat...  Bet you all thought this was a post about the post office.  No it's a post about a Stager who had a call to stage two different vacant houses in time for today's open houses. Normally that wouldn't be that difficult because I know many stagers who do 4-6 houses ...
Photographing a home that's been transformed or "Simply" staged is something that I really love. I would never win an award for them but it just plain enjoyable to see the room from different angles.  Many times when the photo are being reviewed, (TTL for digital cameras) we find that the camera ...
The estate sale is over and we can be very happy with the money you have made.   Not only did it pay for all of our services but you have money to prepare the home for sale. When we first spoke we discussed the items in the home that need attention.  Things that would bring negative comments from...
My last two blogs have been about preparing a parent, or loved ones, home for sale.  Why not to throw things out before a professional can look through the home.   This story is not made up.   It happened this past December.   While you read this THINK about what else this person has hidden in th...
In a recent post I talked about the why not to clean out the parents home before I saw it. What I do at Stage-Show-Sell, LLC is look at what your parents have left behind.  Expertly we view the items to see what can be sold, donated or just pitched out. Frequently family members will view these i...
I wrote a blog on frustrations of home buyers and the response was great. Greater than I expected.  It was a Featured blog.  Thanks to the gods that decided that.   The education that I rec'd and hopefully the public is that there really is no right way or wrong way to purchase a short sale. The ...
My clients frequently tell me they want to clean out their parents home before I look at it. Frequently they are a little embarrassed at the condition of the home and need to make themselves better about it before I see it. MY RESPONSE is a resounding NO. Don't clean out.  Don't pitch anything aw...
We have been watching a young potential home buyer go through a horrible frustrating time trying to purchase a home. He's lined up his finances and contacted an agent to work with him.  That's the easy part. The hard part comes when houses have been selected to view and agents don't return appoin...


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