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Do stairs sell the home?  Is this why so many homes up for sale show the stairs? It must be something special in this area.  What do these photos say?  Do they scream that you want to buy it?           Stage-Show-Sell, offers affordable home staging solutions in the Birmingham – Bloomfield and su...
Yesterday while waiting for the rain storms to dispate I played on AR, AGAIN Julia game me some ideas that I would share. My yard has rocks, stones, pebbles and gravel.   LOTS I thought that I would play with Eco friendly candle holders. ...
09/14/2008 Absolutley nothing to do with real estate or staging.  It's one of the funniest things that I've seen in a long time. Grap a cup of coffee and enjoy.      
Currently I'm using TurboPasswords which I love.  It won't backup to my treo which uses windows mobile (a big mistake) Can anyone suggest a password program that will backup to my treo
    I found out this today and thought I would share.   Sheri Cook is the store manager of Kirkland's Home in Rochester Hills. They are having a designer advantage preview event from 9/19 - 9/21. They are now offering our designer discount to home stagers, realtors, builders, etc. If you sign up ...
Hang artwork without putting holes in the walls Sounds interesting and very promising.  3M Command Picture Hanging strips uses Velcro to hold art on the walls.  They come is different sizes for different weights of art.  I purchsed the set of small strips and tried them out.  The directions are c...
Pete Seeger, who is 89 years old, and a great folk singer just came out with a new album. One of the songs is "If it can't be reused" Really cute song about recycling. Can't reuse it Can't recycle it Then don't make it..     It based on 24 word report the city of Berkley put out.   Sure wish I co...
The Clawson Rotary asked me to do a demo on staging for them.  It appears that one of the members just saw a show on staging on HGTV and was more then a little interested. The show had cat calls, hooting and clapping as we did our demo.  They are a very fun group of people. Marianne, my friend, a...
09/06/2008 $1 off coupon   Play around the site and there are more coupons for other products   Stage-Show-Sell offers affordable home staging solutions in the Birmingham - Bloomfield and surrounding areas in getting your h...
Fisher Body Craftsman Guild - 2008 reunion The General Motors Craftsman's Guild, an auto design competition, was sponsored by the Fisher Body Division of General Motors.  The original competition was to build Coaches based on the Fisher Body Emblem. Clicking on the below image opens up a photo al...


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