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Flappin Me Gums Bout a Strange Day on the High Seas of Real Estate Since I've committed meself to this 'er grogfest, The 31 Days of May Challenge, I thought I'd blabber 't me mates bout me strange day on the high seas of real estate. Whilst sailing out o' me home port this morning, I spied that s...
The Creekwood Neighborhood - Cookeville's Country Gem I thought tonight I would talk about one of my favorite neighborhoods that's out in the countryside. To be more specific, the Creekwood Subdivision is located approximately 5 miles from downtown Cookeville. Creekwood is a newer subdivision, an...
Burgess Falls State Park near Cookeville - My Favorite Park! Having grown up in Tennessee, I've done a lot of hiking and visited a lot of parks.  To this day, my favorite park to escape to is Burgess Falls State Park. Lucky for me, this beautiful state park is only 13 miles from Cookeville. Five ...
The Brookstone Neighborhood in Cookeville 38506 Brookstone is a neighborhood located about 5 miles from the courthouse center in Cookeville TN. It's situated just outside city limits, which means no city taxes.  The other advantage to Brookstone is that the out of town location gets you more hous...
Salvaging the Good I had a long conversation tonight with an agent from another office. It was absolutely heartbreaking. She said, "People in real estate are so horrible, I'm ready to just retire my license". Here is someone who has been beat down, back stabbed, walked over, and demoralized to th...
I Want to be Like Dagny When I Grow Up! Since there were limited showings of Atlas Shrugged here in Tennessee, my friends and I drove about 90 miles to see the film yesterday. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!  It's been a long time since I've been to see a movie that ended with thunderous ...
The Reality Disconnect and the Pitiful Grim Reaper The Bad News is Everywhere - You can't really turn on the television or pick up a newspaper without reading something negative about the housing market. Unless you live in a cave, you have to know the housing market isn't good. Foreclosures are h...
How Many Computers Do You Need? The past couple of days have been a real exercise in frustration for me. Yesterday morning I was up bright and early to prepare for a listing appointment. My computer promptly crashed imploded, which left me scurrying to get ready and get to my office computer. As ...
Defying Conventional Wisdom and Embracing Femininity It all started with Rebecca. She called one day to ask about a house. She spoke in an elegant South Carolina accent, and in a manner that is the very essence of a gracious Southern lady. I liked her immediately. She made an appointment to see a...
Obsessed with  Real Estate I've never thought of myself as the obsessive type. I'm really not sure that it's true. In fact, most of you are probably just like me. We are perfectly normal. Don't all real estate agents love Monopoly®?  Isn't Monopoly Streets for Xbox the best game ever?  In fact, i...

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