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Open and honest discussions on how to turn RE into energy contracts, by working to educate contractors and students via video sites.
ApprenticeTEACH.info is part of a global outreach for using social media for training in every field. The original concept was derived from a campaign speech given by H. Ross Perot in 1992, when the author was walking off the job at the prison factory; sent him to the local computer stores to lea...
Create Education and Training for Post-War Sustainable and Global Economies We are playing into the hands of politicians when we focus our attention on every word spoken in sound bites, by lying politicians...that sounds redundant, don't it? If we can train ourselves to think past the election, w...
AlternativeEnergy.com now hosting BlogTalkRadio for EnergyTalk LIVE Radio/Discussion Group After speaking with Doug Schiller of AlternativeEnergy.com, we have come up with a plan to promote BlogTalkRadio in the energy industry, through his web site. This is a great place to exchange videos and di...
Here is the link to the BBC article:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7365798.stm  The answer to the food crises may be found in restoring sustainable communities...one wind farm at a time. Hopefully my own comments will soon be posted on the BBC site, and we will find out if there ar...
This has become my top site for Oil2Wind and RE Power Missions updates... This is one of over 2000 sites that carries our message of free energy/education on the web.  How can we use the training of RE Professionals to reach out to young people, at a time when Real Estate is requiring greater pro...
Here is an excerpt of my Profile, edited to post on my blog: Disclaimer: Not an agent or broker...an outsider trying to see in.  The energy boom...first form of energy in our region/county was oil...over 100 years ago.  Then there was a surge of wind energy in the 1980's, which has shown little r...

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I found the RE markets to be ready for the RE Power training which our group provides at no charge....