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The Federal Government has, after 2 years of dragging their feet, given new hope to the Grand Strand in the form of a $56 Million earmark for Beach Renourishment and stormwater outfalls.Up until recently, everytime it rained, the water runoff from the streets, which is tainted with every imaginab...
Well....much as I like to see good things happen round my home, this one has a slight cloud hovering overhead.Just finished reading a Bio on one of the primary money bags funding the creation of the Brand Spanking new Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Amusement theme Park.Apparently, Mr. Lev Leviev, a Billi...
  You've decided to sell your home, You know how much money you need to get out of it. You've contacted a Real estate agent about listing the home. The agent goes through the niceties and then whips out the paperwork for you to sign. ......STOPDo you know what you're signing?Having been at both e...
Apparently, the "boom" days are done for now. Hunker down, stock up on provisions, sit it out, but plan for better times ahead. A second quarter drop of 28% in sales on the Grand Strand is the largest in the State of South Carolina. This comes after a first quarter drop of 31%.Although these figu...
Recently, the South Carolina Highway Dept held mock evacuation scenarios as part of a preparedness plan in the event a Hurricane was bearing down on us.They instituted new designs in highway closure models that would shave approx. 5 hours off of evacuation times in the event of a Cat 3 storm alon...
I was asked a question today which made me do a little research. The question was; Is my home a TownHome or a Duplex?The answer might be obvious to some but, what does distinguish each form of real estate?A House:Usually taken to be a single family stand alone structure in which the ownership con...
2163 online nowThat's what it reads across the top of my page.Every time I log in, I see numbers up there that I did not see all that long ago.Is this due to the numbers of new bloggers?or.... are there just too many agents with too much extra time on their hands?I wonder... if the market starts ...
I have read and listened to a lot of information regarding preparedness for a hurricane. You've all heard the advice. A three week supply of potable water. A three week supply of food. A battery operated radio and spare batteries. Bleach for disinfecting. A couple of tarps. A generator would be n...
Myrtle Beaches next major attraction, the Hard Rock Theme park, just staged a media event announcing that construction on its premier ride, The Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster has topped out at its highest point, 150 ft. The park, which began construction a year ago and is expected to cost $400 milli...
Now, more than ever, the home buyer holds the cards. Real estate inventory is overflowing the shelves. We are in what's known as a "buyers market"Make sure that your money is getting you the most bang for the buck. Don't be surprised after closing by discovering thousands of dollars worth of repa...

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