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As most are aware a lot of home owners along the coast were hit with staggering increases to the premiums of their Home owners insurance coverage.I did some research and wound up signing up with a National brand Insurance company, which gave me lower rates than the proposed increase on my old pol...
A while back, I wrote about the declining market and the downsizing of the RE industry.  Just this morning on a local radio talk show, there was an interview with a RE pro that commented on the amount of people leaving their jobs with RE ag...
Recently, I conducted an inspection on a home that was vacant. The tenants had moved out and some minimal staging had occurred.I had found some minimal problems and had them written into my computer generated report when, about halfway through the inspection, the homeowner showed up.When I was as...
Today is Oct 2nd in Myrtle Beach, same as where you live......... Today, After pouring myself a cup of coffee, I headed out to my deck, grabbed the newspaper, and sat there in a tee shirt, (and pajama bottoms) reading, drinking, listening to the birds, and thinking...."I wonder how many folks get...
A friend just stopped by. She is a Realtor. Just came back from an auction where 58 properties were on the block.Not a single one sold.This was not an "absolute auction" apparently there were reserve bid minimums.After the auction she looked up the top bids vs. what the homes were originally boug...
Ok........ I don't know why or where this comment is going, but, I feel the need to say it.All these months that I have been on here, wearing my two fingers to the bone, typing away.... reading the blogs.... responding to blogs... just blogging away in blog land.... I have come to a realization.A...
This years Fall Motorcycle rally is taking place on Oct. 3rd through the 7th.Although not as boisterous as the Spring rally, this event keeps on growing in size year after year.  This will be the rally's 8th year and is one of the last rally's of the year. If you've never been.... you should.  At...
critical home Inspection Services, Myrtle Beach, inspector,South Carolina   Critical Home Inspection Services Located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Serving the Grand Strand and its Neighbors 843-902-5119 Licensed by the South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation License # RBI-...
Once upon a time I dreaded hearing the telephone ring. Right around dinner time, when sales weasels knew I'd be sitting down to eat, and, more than likely available, they'd call trying to sell me something I didn't need didn't want or have the money to pay for without going bankrupt.      After a...
I just got this in my e-mail and as a posting to me on AROh Happy Days... I'm gonna be rich.....Thanks uncle Bob!Name:Daniel RensEmail Address:daniel_rens001@yahoo.comSubject:UrgentIP: Victor My name is Daniel Rens i work with Infinity Consultant limited i am also the man...

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