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There are thousands of restaurants in and around Myrtle Beach. It is said that you can dine at a different restaurant every night for 10 years and never repeat. We even have an area of town called "restaurant Row".So, how do you determine where you want to eat, or for that matter, treat a custome...
This is the time of year when most lawns around the Carolinas go dormant. Those lush greens begin to wane and take on those brownish hues that will last until re-born in the Spring. A popular grass round about these parts is Bermuda grass. Bermuda is a good warm season grass that tolerates heat a...
Do you work from home?  Does it involve a Computer?It doesn't even have to be full time. Any amount of work that you do at home  involving a computer puts you at risk of a catastrophe if your hardware or software fails.You should have a contingency plan in place to face the ultimate probability t...
And yet another developer screws "the little guy"After taking Millions of dollars in deposits for development of a 320 unit condo project, the developers and the financeers have pulled a Magic act and made $5.1 Million dollars disappear, leaving the  buyers  potentially,with nothing. The develope...
Ok... here goes... I just got a message through AR from Dale Bakerinforming me that I was being Memed.I suppose that this is Ars version of the chain mail, seeing as how I now have to "tag" three others to write their Memes.After performing a search of AR blogs on Memes, I have concluded that I h...
I know that you know how powerful Ar is. I've seen a multitude of blogs attesting to ARs visibility and how it steers clients. Another part of ARs visibility has been remarked upon numerous times. The basic tenet is: What you write about is visible to everyone out there.This just came home to me ...
Have you ever looked up at the soffit of your home and noticed a piece of plastic pipe protruding through it?Have you ever wondered what it is there for? That is a secondary discharge line from your Attic mounted Air Handler Unit.  As air flows through the coils of your air handler...... Moisture...
We all have some sort of virus protection or other programs running that inoculate you against Viruses and other forms of malicious software.Most of us use the programs that come pre-installed on our computers when we purchase them. Usually we wind up paying good money for the years subscription ...
I arrived at the property to conduct the inspection, parked in the driveway, stepped out of my truck, and.... almost stepped in it.   A fire ant mound.   Have you ever been bit by fire ants?  People develop allergic reactions to fire ant bites and some have died. Although the percentage of people...
It's that time of the year... Santa's coming....HMMMM... not quite right....let's start again..It's that time of the year... Heating season... (thats better)Having been on the receiving end of this one... In can tell you that it is not a pleasant experience....              the Chimney fire.All i...

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