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Are you making All the Right Moves in Anaheim Hills?I moved again last week.  Again?  I moved last August and I was distracted and confused.  I made many mistakes in my move and my closest friends, and the clients I was working with at the time, teased me that I was my own worst client!This time,...
I don't usually post on Wordless Wednesday, but this accident waiting to happen was too funny not to share! Do you think we should door-knock them and ask if they are interested in moving to a home with a big back yard?  (I don't door knock, but this accident waiting to happen makes it a tempting...
I've got a lovely 4 bedroom Cerritos Rental home available as soon as the end of this month.  I've been inside this home and it is very nice; with an open floor plan.  It is in that popular neighborhood south of 195th and West of Pioneer Boulevard. If you know someone interested in a 4 bedroom ho...
I got the strangest call last night from a client who said his ATM Privileges were suspended because his 2nd is late.   This surprised him because he listed the home months ago, we sold it right away and we are actively negotiating the short sale with the 1st and the 2nd. He tried to get gas and ...
Jack and Bob are two of Dad’s best friends. Uncle Bob decided he was going to take us out to lunch. I have to admit that Uncle Bob’s driver’s license probably probably should have been re-evaluated, but I was very happy to be going to lunch with him. My brother was not so relaxed with his namesak...
How much do you tip your service providers?  I asked this question back in 2006 and it occurred to me that the 2011 answers are going to be very different.  We're coming out of a recession and people are more cautious with their money than they used to be.  I think the easiest way to read the ans...
It happened to me twice this week, do your clients envy you too? The first time, my client told me that I seemed to always be happy and confident.  He wondered if he shouldn't try to be a Realtor too.  He asked if I would hire him if he did.  Of course I would, I said.  I smiled to myself and rea...
My friend Stephen Reifenstein is directing a new musical; Class of 90 - The Musical and Auditions are tonight.  It's a brand new musical written by Erik Przytulski and they need you.   Auditions are tonight at 6:30pm.  Rehearsals start later this week. I've seen Stephen and Erik's shows before an...
I came across the coolest charity: Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets.  I've talked about rescuing pets before, but this is a different opportunity; you can foster pets! There are tons of videos about it on YouTube, but here is the Fox News report that introduced me to this amazing cause tonight....
It's time to do some Spring Cleaning! It's time to talk about some practical Spring Cleaning that we need to get to!  I know I am being a little bit optimistic in calling this Spring, but the heavy rains are supposedly past us so this is a good time to take care of a few things.  Besides, if it r...

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