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Please help us understand how this product below could be marketed to Realtors nationwide. Any suggestions would be helpful. If you have always wanted to declare the virtues of your business to the masses, but couldn't afford the thousands and thousands of dollars of traditional (old school) adve...
If anyone needs a quote for signs large or small, I understand the personal needs of realtors. Let me know!   Vernon Corum, Jr.
My personal blog, to help myself and others overcome things in their lives that are holding them back. While the market is down, I chose to help others in other ways.
Today was another ordinary day in the life of a man who works a forty something hour a week job. I also serve as a youth pastor a church in a nice community known as Fountain City. We have the normal all American life here; we have all the things that unite families and friends. We value religion...
Yesterday was a terrrible day in Fountain City near Knoxville, TN. A shooting took place in our local high school less than 1/2 mile from my house. A young man Jamar Siler walked into the commons area and shot Ryan McDonald in the chest with a 22 caliber handgun. Around 10:20 a.m. Ryan was pronou...
This past Saturday, I realized that I have nothing to complain about in my life. I have it good. A lot like my friend Steven Terry, I have a great wife and family. Steven is a man who loves his wife fiercely and has a beautiful daughter. He is most know for his work ethic and I can tell you many ...
 Recently, I began thinking about how slow things can be sometimes... I remember the good ole days when folks were lining up to buy houses even if they couldn't afford them. I ponder sipping lemonade on front porches of those with new keys to their very own homes on a more regular basis. I rememb...
 I am in desperate need of a Broker in TN to help me start my Real Estate business. I need a place to hang my license in 2008. Our state is without a broker for GRM and I need to get someone for my personal business. You can go look at the business opportunity page. If this is not for you, then ...
 How many networking sites do real estate agents and mortgage professionals need? I have many ways for people to find me, but what I am also finding is that my name and information at the top of google and other search engines open me up to all kinds of unwanted spam and phone calls (even though ...
 I have man coming into Pittsburgh paints with their wives telling them it's too cold to paint this time of year. I hate to break a gentlemen's code of silence about this. I will apologize up front to you guys who have had to paint this year even in the bitter cold. Science has done us no favors ...

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