There re many reasons to keep healthy trees.  Many more reasons to plant more trees. The benifits are enormous. Absorbtion of CO2 Cooling shade Wind Break O2 production But I think the most improtant reason is the following one... And my wife used to complain about not enough Ladies stall in publ...
This is such an important issue.  many people have thought about doing this and just don't know where to go.  Some do not realize that steps need to be taken now so gifts and help in general can arrive on time.  It doesn't matter if you are helping a family or just buying one gift...time is of th...
I am not a great computer guy, but I am getting better.  But there seams to be many unwritten rules. here are a few I have run across... E-Mail Commandments Thou shalt include a clear and specific subject line. Thou shalt edit down and quoted text to the minimum thou needest, Thou shalt read own ...
Most kids Love the snow.  That is the ones that don't have to shovel it. My kids loved playing in the snow and catching the snow flakes on their tongues. This cartoon my make you think other wise, or at least where you stand when doing this! Have a great weekend everyone!
I am not a smart person when it comes to the computer.  But, the neighbor kid showed me how Twins are made.    Now if it were really all that easy.  I would become a computer wizard also! I am also glad that this isn't the way it is done.  The old fashion way was a lot more fun.
I hope you enjoy the follow photo's of 'Politicians in Training'. That is the way I view these people...NO COMMON SENSE! I would never crawl under with just a jack, but rocks! Ok, could I have just one more tiny stick. Ok, I trust most people a lot, but this is even past me. Finally... Even on a ...
I was informed buy my local band that they also are raising the rates about a quarter.  it isn't much, but it is a start. The public needs to know this as the media won't inform them until it gets much higher.  By that time amny people will be priced right out of buying a home in the current mark...
This is an excellent informational blog.  Short and to the point!  A lot of people do not give this issue it's proper due and that includes agents in my opinion. I even had an agent tell one time that Home inspections were JUST for the HOME.  Show this to your clients!During a recent home inspect...
I realize that the woods are thick with leaves and also bugs.  But, now IS the time to start your search. There are a lot of thinks to consider when making this purchase. 1) Are you using this property only for hunting.2) Are you buying the property on your own or with partners.3) Will you constr...
I am not a technology genius, not even close.  I like the simple life.  I believe in many ways technology has ruined society.  So, this blog by Bill fits into my life perfectly.   hope you enjoy as much as I did.Finally, I got a new cell phone.  I looked high and low for this model and finally I ...

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