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Season's greetings from Kenneth Vercammen, Esq., His Family   One of the pleasures of this holiday season is to thank many members for their friendship, goodwill and the pleasant association I have enjoyed with the hundreds of friends and professional people I have dealt with...
 LIVING WILLS FOR REALTORS By  KENNETH A. VERCAMMEN   New Jersey and all States have declared that competent adults have the fundamental right in collaboration with their health care providers, to control decisions about their own health care.  States recognize in their law ...
Breach of Contract      To establish its contract claim against the defendant, plaintiff must prove that: 1. The parties entered into a contract containing certain terms.  2. The plaintiff did what the contract required the plaintiff to do.  3. The defendant did not do what t...
Power of Attorney for Realtors and Real Estate Agents            Every adult has day-to-day affairs to manage, such as paying the bills. Many people are under the impression that, in the event of catastrophic illness or injury, a spouse or child can automatically act for them...
Wills and Estate Planning for Realtors and Real Estate Agents   By Kenneth Vercammen, Esq. of Edison, NJ   Where there’s No Will …       If you do not write a Will, the State has already written one for you. Your assets go to whoever a state law says receives the assets, or t...
Kenneth Vercammen was a speaker with Jay Foonberg of Beverly Hills on Estate Planning & Probate at the American Bar Association meeting in Chicago on August 1
Ken is a speaker for the American Bar Association at the Defending Internet Related Crimes Seminar at the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago July 31
Free Seminar- 2009 update Wills and Estate Planning                        WHEN: January 28, 2009       12:30-1:10 PM   WHERE: Law Office of Kenneth Vercammen, 2053 Woodbridge Ave, 2nd floor, Edison, NJ   The cost for this program when held at Middlesex County College was $29...
FREEZING COLD HASH RUN  Sat. Jan. 3, 200910:00am    3-6 MILE GROUP RUN START:  Kenneth Vercammen  Law Office 2053 Woodbridge Ave., Edison, NJ [near the Nixon Post Office]  We then drive to the secret start. POTENTIAL EXCITING DANGERS/ CHALLENGES - Buried bombs with mustard ga...

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